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Historic Scotland
United Kingdom

We think that the attractive character of our street is threatened by insensitive developments. A couple of landlord owners have subdivided their bay windowed living rooms and plasterboarded the ceilings below the cornice, to form more bedrooms.

All the other Victorian Crescents in Edinburgh have Listed protected status which would prevent this from happening - Warrander Park Crescent, Marchmont Crescent, Grosvenor Crescent, Landsdale Crescent are all B Listed and Gardners Cresent, Atholl Crescent, Randoph Crecent are A Listed.

We, the undersigned, think that Historic Scotland should grant Gillespie Crescent, Edinburgh Listed Building status to protect it from detrimental development (such as the subdivision of living rooms and their bay windows to form multiple bedrooms to form five person HMO’s).

It is the only Victorian Crescent in Edinburgh that isn’t already Listed (eg. Marchmont Crescent, Warrander Park Crescent are B Listed).

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