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1. Get Myspace Chatrooms Back

This is the first time i have done this but in jan, 12 2008 myspace chatrooms where shut down for many reasons although none explained, for the past yrs people use the chat rooms for hanging out and be their selfs maybe do a little roleplaying (RPG).

2. Protect historic character of Gillespie Crescent

We think that the attractive character of our street is threatened by insensitive developments. A couple of landlord owners have subdivided their bay windowed living rooms and plasterboarded the ceilings below the cornice, to form more bedrooms.

All the other Victorian Crescents in Edinburgh have Listed protected status which would prevent this from happening - Warrander Park Crescent, Marchmont Crescent, Grosvenor Crescent, Landsdale Crescent are all B Listed and Gardners Cresent, Atholl Crescent, Randoph Crecent are A Listed.

3. Murdoch University Common Rooms

Another campaign from your Guild!

Your voice on Campus!

4. Smoke alarms in Volusia county schools

March 16, 2006

What my class wants to do is petition our county of Volusia to see if we can get Smoke alarms put in High schools in the County.

We feel as if there is too much smoking in school rest rooms and by putting Somke alarms in them it would make kids awars that if they are caught they would get in trouble.

5. Hostile Pogo Players

I run a MyLeague league on Pogo. My league, and I know several other leagues, have ran into problems with very hostile players in the rooms we try to host and play in.

Even though Pogo allows myleague to operate in all pogo rooms, we have very hostile players who are attacking leagues who try to start hosting tours in rooms. My league can no longer play in Poppa Zoppa in the room we intended to play in as people have started putting fake accounts and gathering up everyone they can to sit in the room in order to not allow any leagues to enter the room.

Pogo needs to start doing something about the hostile players on Pogo if they want myleague leagues to continue playing there. I know of one league that was completely ran out of the game they were playing due to hostile players.

6. Lunch time form room access

Pupils at Verulam School are not allowed full lunch time access to their form rooms, which are locked and are forced to stay outside during lunch time.

They say this is due to fears of the class room being "trashed" however, we feel this is redeculous, and that a trial period should at least be considered. If you agree to a trial period of Boys having access to their form rooms all lunchtime then please add your name, Address etc to this petition. Thank you.

7. Fortune Bingo --Team and Share Bingos

Dear Fellow Pogo Players,

I have started this petition so that we can be heard. We are requesting the ability to create private rooms in Fortune Bingo. The ability to create private rooms will prevent alot of the disputes that are currently going on between many of the players. Passwords could be sent to players through invitation or whispers in chat. Even if Pogo requires a minimum number of players to play, I believe that there are enough of us that would like to have this option that any reasonable minimum could be reached.

After corrospondence with Pogo:
There would be a cost to members to have the ability to create private rooms. This would be to cover part of the cost for Pogo to make these changes.

As alternatives to private rooms, I am requesting that Pogo to adjust the current game so that each game does not end when the first player rings the gong allowing more players to win. Each player can ring the gong when they have bingo and the game would not end until 3 or more players have bingo. The other alternative would be to create a game similar to IonThunder's Team Bingo. The number of bingos required is based on the number of players in each room. When the minimum is met, all players in that room receive credit and a nice bonus. If your room does not reach the minimum, only those with bingo get credit.

Please send this around to all of your friends & ask them to sign it. Together we can all make a difference.

Pogo is supported by us and we should have a say in what they offer.

Please include your pogo screen name when signing.

8. Ban Non-Bolt Members

It is time for Bolt to elimate non-members from the chat rooms. They are disrupting members' rights by flooding, calling members foul names and otherwise creating a nuisance.

9. Petition to eliminate PORN BOTS from Yahoo Chat

I'm sure you all have gotten those annoying messages from BOTS trying to get you to visit their porn sites. And I am VERY sure you along with myself find it extremely annoying to be trying to have a conversation with your friends or family to have it abruptly interrupted by a nasty ad such as "lisahot_weebcomsex87: cum watch me play with my ***** http://sdlhSexxxy.html"

YAHOO obviously has not done anything about this and it seems that the PORN BOT problem is gradually getting worse. I myself timed the breaks between porn ads and the average time was around 7 seconds (depending on room).

Therefore I have decided to start a petition to tell YAHOO that something needs to be done NOW about all of the porn bots flooding the chat rooms. Whether it be a new registration that would make it extremely difficult to make dummy accounts that are used to create these bothersome bots. Or have it to where there would have to be some kind of email conformation in order to create a new user ID.

Never the less, I r_a_v_e_n_859 ask everyone that has ever been annoyed with these bots to sign this peition and tell YAHOO in voice that were sick of this and want action to be taken to remove the graphic ads made by these bots plauging out chat areas.





MSN is planning on closing most non-moderated chat rooms on Oct. 14, 2003. They will be charging $19.95 a year after Oct. 16, 2003 to anyone who wants to use the chat service that is not already paying for MSN Internet or other services. The majority of the chat users are outraged and do not want the chats to close or to have to pay for chat service.


MSN are closing down all uncontrolled chat rooms on 14th October this year. all controlled chat rooms that will be available will cost per month. We don't want this to happen. This petition will be sent to MSN to show them how serious we are about keeping our chat rooms open.

13. Monitor AIM Chatrooms

AIM needs to monitor it's chat rooms. People are always cussing in there and there's not even a botton to turn it off. People are also always making of otheres beliefs and all always rude. Also there are always porn bots in chatrooms. There are mostly teenagers in chats too, so why shhould they be exposed to all of that?

14. Yes to Tourneys in Flipside Social Rooms

This is a petition to rebutt the one to ban Tourney Playing in Uproar/Flipside Social Rooms. The leagues that operate in these rooms do a lot of work to host fun games for players that enjoy. These players also bring new players to Uproar/Flipside and support the playsite a great deal. Also, the tourney playing only takes up a few tables at a time and in no way interfere with non tourney playing.

15. Build The Locker Rooms at T.R. Hughes ballpark

This is a petition that has come about as a result of the lack of action on the part of the city to build adequate locker rooms for the professional minor league team in O'Fallon, Missouri.

Point 1. Part of our agreement with the Frontier League to secure the Rascals was an agreement to provide adequate showering and changing facilities for both the home team and the visiting team. Currently there is not even a restroom which is alloted to the visiting team, let alone showering facilities.

2. The City agreed to build the locker rooms as a part of the original agreement with the ownership of the River City Rascals organization and has failed to build those facilities.

3. Currently the home team must change and shower in a woefully inadequate trailer behind the right field wall. This facility is not only a blight to the city and team, but is a source of difficulty for the team to recruit the league's best available players.

4. The City points the finger at the Rascals for reasons as to why the facility is not built and the team has pointed back at the city. This is childish on both parts and it is time to put aside the bickering and get the facility built.

5. The city agreed to build the facility last year at the same time the 'St. Charles County Hall of Fame' was built on the grounds and once again defaulted on their promise.

6. The Rascals have proven to be a source of great pride and revenue for the city of O'Fallon with thousands of persons from outside the city visiting each summer and infusing tax revenues to the city of O'Fallon in the form of taxes paid on refreshments, souvenirs and tickets prices.

16. Let people lock game rooms in the MSN Gaming Zone

On May 22nd, 2002 the MSN Gaming Zone made a new rule in the Zone CoC that you cannot lock a game room. We have the right to and want the right back