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We are trying just to fix the major technical flaws within BNET. By NO MEANS are we suggesting that the actual game itself be changed- especially the addition of the great new hero, the Goblin Tinker.

This is a petition encouraging BNET officials to fix the major errors that are within the new patch 1.15. The random team game ladder is so disproportionate that it is almost humorous. We love and respect all of BNET, especially the people who work relentlessly to make sure it functions properly. There are also some more minor flaws in 1.15. These range from there no longer being a functional estimated time while searching for a game, to the most simplistic errors on BNET that could be neglected- such as the players on the game loading screen no longer being organized by level. Once again, we are only trying to help BNET fix it's technical flaws. The game itself, as always, is perfect, and keeps getting better. Thank you BNET, and thank you petitioners.

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