Petition Tag - technical

1. Save Translation at Imperial

The Imperial College Management Board has informed us that the activities carried out by the Translation Studies Unit (TSU) are not considered core to the College strategy and that, if possible, the Unit should be transferred to another institution.

If this solution proves not to be feasible, consideration will be given to closing the unit by the end of September 2013.

2. Bring back the old Fantage! Go Fantage Japan!

Fantage japan was a good website, we all liked it but fantage closed it, so WE WANT IT BACK! WHO'S WITH ME??!!

PLS SIGN IT AND MAYBE ONE DAY I WILL SEND THIS PETITION TO FANTAGE AND COMMAND FOR THE OLD FANTAGE, lower prices! no bullying! no non VS mems! everyone was living in harmony!

3. Master Certified Instructors

Recently there were a few instructors at Lincoln Technical Institute in Indianapolis that were dismissed from their jobs because they were not ASE master certified.

The students at Lincoln Tech believe they should have extra time to take the tests to become master certified and not be let go because they are really good teachers and very well liked throughout the school regardless if they are master certified.

4. A strong voice for KCTCS faculty and staff

The KCTCS Board of Regents (BOR)is supporting legislation that would cut the number of faculty, staff and student elected members by half.

Kentucky affiliates of the American Federation of Teachers including the community college and the technical college faculty alliances oppose this effort by the BOR.

5. Project BNET - Fixing BNET

We are trying just to fix the major technical flaws within BNET. By NO MEANS are we suggesting that the actual game itself be changed- especially the addition of the great new hero, the Goblin Tinker.