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Allan Caplan, President of Inkworks

In 1999, Inkworks purchased the legal rights to produce trading cards for the television series "Charmed." Shortly thereafter, promotional cards announcing the release of season one in early 2000 were printed. However, the release date was set back and fans were forced to wait until December 2000 to purchase the eagerly anticipated card series. In every box appeared a "case loader" card which announced the arrival of the second set, season two Charmed cards "coming soon."

Currently on Inkworks' website [http://www.inkworkscards.com/products/coming.html], production for many other series are planned under their one-release-per-month policy, but Charmed is nowhere to be seen on their schedule. Other TV series have card sets released only a few months after the season has aired in completion, but Charmed fans who avidly awaited the first set to be released despite the year long delay are now facing the fact that they may never be produced because Inkworks claims the first set was a hassle to make. As it is, the set was trimmed down from the intended 90-card set to a 72-card set because of production difficulties. As long as Inkworks holds contractual rights to the series, no other manufacturer can produce the Charmed trading cards that Inkworks originally promised.

We, the undersigned, request that Inkworks follow through on its initial promise to produce Charmed trading card series for the fans and release seasons two and three of the series as soon as possible. We believe that followup sets would mirror the success of the sales of the first season release as fans have been looking forward to some tangible momento from the show (no video cassettes or DVDs have been released), especially after the death of the character Prue. We are confident that this endevour would be both highly profitable for the manufacturer as well as satisfying for the fans who are more than willing to purchase the cards if they are produced. Please appease us, the Charmed fan base, by following through on your commitment to produce the cards.

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