The Connectivity Culture

We, the undersigned, understand the depravity and deterioration of social structures and graces with the advent of the cellular phone and the connectivity culture.

While we understand that relinquishing technology altogether is impossible, we also understand that a change needs to occur, and that change happens at the level of the individual.

Therefore, we, the undersigned, pledge to personally observe the following uncommon courtesies:

For everyone:

1. I pledge to put away my phone when eating, because I value the time I spend with other people and would rather talk to someone in the real world than someone in the virtual one.

2. I pledge to put away my phone when ordering at a restaurant, because I believe the people in the service industry deserve my respect for their hard and unappreciated work.

3. I pledge to never text and drive, because I believe that my actual life and the lives of fellow drivers is more important than my social and corporate life.

4. I pledge to put away my phone when I am around my family because there is nothing in the world more important to me.

5. I pledge to put away my phone when I am around friends because I value the time I spend with them and want to make the most of it.

6. I pledge to put away my phone during movies because I respect the people around me who have paid far too much for something this bad, just like me.

For students:

1. I pledge never to text or take a phone call during class, because I respect the underpaid people who are devoting their lives to teaching people like me.

2. I pledge to try and always remember to silence my cell phone, because I realize I am the only one who thinks my ringtone is cool.

3. I pledge to keep my internet browser closed during class unless a teacher/professor says otherwise, because I can check Facebook and my email later.

For parents:

1. I pledge to turn off my phone during my child’s performance, because I know they will only be young once.

2. I pledge to never answer business calls after business hours, because my family is the most important thing to me.

3. I pledge to monitor my child’s internet usage because porn and predators exist, and I want to protect my child and their innocence.

4. I pledge to regularly check who is contacting my child online or via cell phone, because they are all I have.

5. I pledge to spend more time with my family than in the virtual world, because once they are gone, they are gone.


The New Generation

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