#Animal Rights
Ukrainian Government and Animal Control Agencies

Many countries across the globe, the USA and the UK included*, have taken to killing stray animals to try and control the population, but Ukraine is BURNING these poor animals ALIVE. Yes, that's right, they are being taken from the streets, where they may well have dumped and abused and/or simply neglected by people, only to be burned alive.

Burning is an incredibly cruel way of killing an animal. The fire burns like acid against their bodies. They feel their skin get burned through and they may even see their own bones as well as other inside parts. They may even be forced to breath in smoke as they die slowly and in agony, polluting their lungs and making them choke and gasp for air.

This is totally unnecessary. Stray animals are not normally aggressive. In fact, you are more likely to get attacked by a dog that has a home and has been trained/or socialised incorrectly than by a healthy, sane stray dog or cat. If you still think that all strays are evil pests, I urge you to go and have a look around your local animal shelter. If you don't think you are brave enough, just remember that, even if there are aggressive/defensive animals there, they will be in pens so they will not be able to get out and attack you or anyone else.

After you have visited the shelter and seen how lovely some of the dogs and cats are, just think about the fact that at least 1/2 or even 3/4 of them may have been strays at one point. Also, try thinking about this fact; many stray animals have been adopted by loving families and have settled in and become very loyal, loving and affectionate companions, not to mention the fact that there have even been alleged cases of babies being cared for by stray dogs...

Stray animal populations can be controlled by adoption, by making them live happy, healthy and safe lives in rescues such as the Dogs Trust for the rest of their lives and by "capture-spay/neuter-and-release" programmes. They can also be deterred by guns being fired to scare them, guard dogs and they can be kept out of certain areas by the use of strong, high fencing that is put beneath the ground as well.

We, the Undersigned, believe that burning stray animals is inhumane and totally wrong and urge you to put a stop to this.

We will boycott Ukraine until all killing stray animals is put to a stop and the Ukrainian government changes its animal cruelty laws to protect strays as well as other animals.

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