#Human Rights
President Barack Obama

America is the only country in the world who freely, and profusely, uses God's and Jesus Christ's name in vain in their cinematic entertainment. It's something that seems to have started in the 1950's.

There is so much "damning" and profanity used in God's name, in American cinematic entertainment, I find it completely unbearable. And the profuse use of the "F" word is also extremely abusive and offensive. What happened to the intelligent and humorous dialogue that used to characterize American films from the onset of "talking pictures"? It's been sadly replaced with all kinds of profanity that has continued to escalate to present day American entertainment.

It is a vulgar representation of America and the American people. It has gone way over the line from decency to nothing more than a continuous display of offensive vulgarities.

I hope you are feeling as offended and beaten up as I am when experiencing most American films, and some American television shows. I hear God's name being taken in vain so much that it echoes in my brain. And it's something I NEVER SAY.

I have heard God's name spoken in vain in most films 10 times in 10 minutes. AND throughout the whole film. Sometimes God's name is used in vain 10 times in 1 minute! When it's not God's name in vain, it is Jesus Christ's. Sometimes the writers are putting an H" in the middle of Jesus Christ's name, but we all know what they mean. And even worse, sometimes the "F" word is put in the middle of Jesus Christ's name. (Films and television in foreign countries NEVER say profane things about God, or any holy prophets. So this means America is the only country to be so disrespectful to God.)

I find the use of the "F" word, used so profusely in American films and entertainment, to be extremely offensive and abusive. I feel so beaten up every time stand-up comedians, television programs, and films continually spew that "F" word.

Please help me get this message to President Obama, so we can stop America's offenses against God, and Jesus Christ; so we can stop the vulgar swearing that has become actually an American characteristic to the rest of the world. And so we can bring dignity back to our country, it's people, and it's films and entertainment.

As an American citizen, a member of S.A.G. (Screen Actor's Guild of America), a member of ASCAP (American Society Composers, Authors, Producers), and a human being, I respectfully request your support in the removal of the use of God's name in vain, Jesus Christ's, and all holy prophet's, as well as the ever-present "F" word.

The rampant usage of these profanities is so disrespectful, offensive, and vulgar, and sends such a negative message to Americans, and about America and it's people, to this whole wide world, it is beyond all decency, taste, and tolerance.

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