Queensland (but, implicitly, ALL Australian) Government

This serious “gender-neutralisation” matter affects ALL Australian citizens.

Although the issue has arisen in Queensland, you can be certain it will soon enough be duplicated by every other state and territory, unless stopped in its tracks.

Please stand with other ordinary, concerned citizens to immediately put an end to what is presenting as yet more political and bureaucratic 'social-engineering' madness.

According to newspaper reports, it would appear that the Queensland Department of Education seeks to 'neutralise' or even eliminate any perceived physical/sexual differences between boys and girls.

The media reports that the department is planning to create a situation that may result in boys and girls at school playing competitive ‘mixed-gender’ sports, sharing the same toilets and sleeping together during camp excursions.

The news appears to be so incredibly insane that we citizens have decided to call for immediate full disclosure from the relevant Minister of Education.

For more complete details, please refer to the original e-mail that was circulated, which can be read HERE That page has a direct link to the newspaper report.

This is not so much a petition as our firmly unequivocal call to the respective politicians and bureaucrats for a detailed explanation as stated below.

Remember, as happened with compulsory voting, today Queensland, tomorrow all of Australia. Which is why ALL Australians are urgently called upon to support this petition so this type of ideology-driven insanity can be stopped in its tracks, ANYWHERE across Australia..

Please do so now by clicking the 'sign the petition' button at the foot of this page.

Note that you can choose to list your name or be anonymous, as you may prefer.

Please encourage every concerned, responsible citizen - and especially parents of school-going children, to also support this action. TALK to people and tell them what's happening!

Thanking you....for the sake of Australia's sanity and well-being.

September 21, 2013
The Hon. John Paul Langbroek, M.P,
Minister For Education,
Queensland Government.
Brisbane, Australia.

( education@ministerial.qld.gov.au )

Dear Mr. Langbroek,

We have been informed, via a newspaper article (http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/state-school-review-makes-life-easier-for-transgender-pupils/story-fnihsrf2-1226720500439), that your Department of Education has in mind to bring about certain significant policy changes relating to ‘gender-neutralisation’ within Queensland State Schools.

Because we find the newspaper report almost impossible to believe, and because this issue would be, in our combined and united view, extremely concerning and a possible threat to our nation's fundamental cultural standards, we call upon you to provide full public disclosure of the matter, and before any final decision is made.

In particular, we seek to know….

1) complete details of the decision, its exact wording, intention and planned outcomes.

2) how exactly will it be actioned on a practical, day-to-day, 'real world' basis and the additional costs involved.

3) according to what and WHOSE cultural, moral, ideological and philosophical principles was or will the decision be made. If the decision and subsequent monumental change – which would be both culturally and physically significant - are being made primarily on behalf of certain isolated individuals, or primarily for their benefit, then we require to know exactly what percentage of our overall population those individuals constitute.

4) full details of the empirical evidence that supports and validates the basis of the decision that was or will be made.

5) by what authority are the relevant politicians and bureaucrats making such a decision?
Which is to say that we citizens are not aware that the relevant decision-makers have the implicit or definitive approval of the vast majority of the citizens to make any such huge and fundamental change to a cornerstone of our Australian social structure and, assuming that democratic majority rule still exists in Australia, that we citizens therefore have a democratic right to know on whose specific authority such a momentous decision is being made.

Which is to further say that there is, to our best knowledge, no evidence that a majority of Australian citizens would approve of or have approved of any such decision.

Given that, apparently, the decision-making process within your Department of Education is well advanced, we respectfully request your prompt response to this enquiry, most definitely and most preferably well in advance of any final decision being made, let alone being implemented.

We assume that you would prefer to publish your response on your department's official website for all Australian citizens to access.

That being the case, it would be appreciated if you would direct your initial response to this letter to Peter Forde, initiator of this action and convener of OzUnited, and, assuming you will publish further communications regarding this matter, that you will inform him of the web-page address where those communications or other notices will be published and will advise him when any new advices or announcements regarding this matter are published.

In which event, all signatories to this call will be appropriately updated. They will then pass on the information to their connections and associates thus ensuring that the vast numbers of citizens deeply concerned about this matter will be kept fully informed as to your response(s).

Yours sincerely,

Concerned and responsible Australian citizens who have all, in effect, signed this letter.

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