Michigan Governor Rick Snyder
United States of America

House Bill No.5711 will do the following:

-Criminalize all abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, without exceptions for rape victims, the health of the woman or in cases where there is a severe fetal anomaly

-It would require health centers that provide abortions to have surgery rooms, even when they don't provide surgical abortions.

-It would require doctors to be present for medication abortions and to screen women for "coercion" before providing an abortion

-Ban "telemedicine" abortions, or the use of technology to prescribe medication for abortion services and the morning-after pill

If this bill is passed it holds the potential to shut down most reproductive health centers in the State of Michigan, which is not only detrimental to the health of women but also infringing on a woman's right to choose.

We, the undersigned, call to the Governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder to veto House Bill No. 5711.

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