the band Abingdon Boys School

This petition is to show the band how many loyal fans they have in POLAND that would love to see them perform here.

*Please sign and spread the message around on the internet. Thank you.

Dear Abingdon boys school!

In an interview "Impressions after the European Tour," you said that you’d love to visit your European fans as often as possible. You also mentioned that you are interested in visiting other countries such as Portugal, Norway, Holland and Spain. We think that you should also visit our country - Poland. Polish fan group Abingdon Boys School Polska on last.fm brings together the equivalent of about 15% members of international fan group Abingdon Boys School.

Our group was formed few days ago and the number of members increases each day. Some devoted fans from Poland went to other countries (England and Germany) to see you live during your European tour. Unfortunately, many fans could not afford it due to financial reasons, or young age. It is worth to notice that Poland has already been visited by many other famous bands from Japan. For now, we have hosted such artists as Black Love Phantom, D'espairsRay, mouse on the keys, D=OUT, GUILD, UnsraW, -OZ-, OROCHI, Nana Kitade, Miyavi, Shugo Tokumaru, VAMPIRE SAGA, Ra:IN, Boris, Dio, DIR EN GREY, GOTHIKA, KOKIA, MONO and Plastic Tree. We would be very happy if you were next.

We hope to see you soon,
Your Polish fans.

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