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Due to the soon to be released carp herpes virus, waterways around Australia will soon loose all fishing accessibility for families within city limits and national waterways across the nation.

Our plan is to lobby local council to support a yearly carp fishing competition called the "Mawson lakes $10,000 golden carp comp," so that our organisation can run this event as a " NON FOR PROFIT" gold coin entry donation, to raise money to help fund native restocking and habitat before the virus is released in approx 2018-2020.This will also bring a much needed boost to state economy and will create employment potential opportunity.

We have been informed by several fish related government departments that with council support THIS WILL BE THE FIRST TEST SITE OF ITS KIND IN AUSTRALIA, FOR THAT MATTER THE WORLD! and that funding ( $100,000 though not limited to ) also exists and can be applied for . These grants can only be spent spent on fish and fish habitats,and ecosystems , the grants would be MUCH easier to obtain if we had council /government support to access permits needed for the native fish release and a scientific ecosystem study and grants for restocking and habitat ..

We plan to sell advertising space ( website, banners , flyers , national radio , state/national tv and also vendor sites during the comp ) to all whom are interested, to promote business in SA, and guarantee this event will run on a non for profit basis, with funds raised going back into the project and future comps and also to further projects up stream. We already have the backing of major camping/boating/4x4 retailers/fishing retailers and local tackle stores, major sponsors and fishing distributors and banks.

thank you for your support , and the kids of today will thank you in the future!

We, the undersigned, call on the Salisbury council state / federal government and all relevant departments to support this first of a kind project( NON FOR PROFIT) in Australia to stock a man made waterway with native fish and improve habitat and use the $10,000 carp fishing competition to be held at Mawson Lakes to fund raise by gold coin donation entry for our family fishing future, and to provide assistance with regards to acquiring grants and relevant permits to assist in improving this ecosystem and future systems upstream and down stream from this FIRST OF A KIND TEST SITE.

Thank you... from the team at "GO NATIVE!"

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