#Human Rights
Lyn Brown, MP for West Ham and Liam Byrne, the Home Office Minister
United Kingdom

Kamal Begi, a Brampton Manor student, and his uncle have lost all their appeals and are under a threat of deportation despite having lived in the UK for over 6 years. They were initially granted a leave to remain for one year and then refused indefinite leave to remain.

We were shocked that a boy who has suffered so much trauma in Afghanistan, where his father was murdered and members of his family tortured, where he himself was held at a gun point as a child, a boy whose life would be in danger if he returned, is not being allowed to set up a new home here and is left worried for his well-being and future, pending the decision of the Home Office.

Kamal Begi and his uncle arrived in the UK and claimed asylum in January 2002. He joined Brampton Manor School in East Ham, London in September 2003 and has quickly become a valuable member of our school community. He is now leaving Year 11 having taken his GCSEs and is expected to achieve on or often above target in all his subjects. He is very ambitious and clear on what he wants to achieve in life. He has now been accepted to New Vic College where he plans to take his ‘A’ levels before going to University to study Business. Kamal has become a strong member of our school community and has settled in very well.

We have so far collected over a thousand signatures on paper in school that were handed over to Lyn Brown MP on 24th June 2008 in the House of Commons. We need more people to show their support for Kamal.

We want Kamal to remain in the UK and for the Home Office to grant him and his uncle as his legal carer an indefinite leave to remain and we would like to ask you as the MP representing Kamal and his uncle as the residents of your constituency and the MP representing our school community to support their appeal to stay in this country.

No one should be forced to return to their country of birth if this means putting their life in danger and no one who has settled down in their new home country should be uprooted after 6 years and forced to start a new life somewhere else against their will.

We want Kamal to stay in the UK and stay safe.

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