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Irish Government / RSA /Garda

Please sign if you believe that people in Ireland, defendant on driving unaccompanied for work/essential on a second provisional should be allowed their license to run to its finish date, therefore having a set amount of time to pass a full test without affecting their life.

I personally have a 2nd provisional and as of Tuesday am unable to be available for any work requiring travel. I have spoken to many people just today who can no longer legally keep to commitments/contracted work due to this change!

Is this helping people or will it make people lose jobs..... Garda could issue exemption forms to be carried at all times....
Period of 3 months....

We, the undersigned, request an exemption within the new road rules for Ireland, for people who drive unaccompanied on a 2nd provisional with work defendant on transport, to be allowed a period of time to adjust to the new rules.

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