The Burnside Council

In the city of Burnside area, there are no BMX/ mountain bike facilities what so ever. Many illegal jumps are built on private property, but are quickly knocked down.

The closest public BMX track to this area is the The Kurrangga BMX Track, which is located approximately 7 km from Kensington Park, on Pultney Street and Unley Road. To get to the Kurrangga BMX Track, riders, from the age of about six and up, have to cross major roads, which do not always have pedestrian crossings. Some of these major roads are, Glynburn road, Port Rush Road, Fullarton Road and Glen Osmond Road. If a BMX track is not built in Kensington Park, it will not be long before a young cyclist will be killed on the roads on their way to the Kurrangga BMX track.

The following is a list of riders who live in, not far from the city of Burnside or who would use the BMX facility on a regular basis if the Burnside City council was to build a BMX track.

We, the undersigned, believe the Burnside council, should build a BMX facility in Kensington Park.

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