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We are concerned regarding the Conflict in Palestine and Israel.

We need to find peace.

Calling all Media/Music/Film/Arts Representatives to show UNITY.

I am a English film-maker and the conflict in the middle east has really concerned me to the point in creating this simple petition.

This petition is to show solidarity, support and in ending this conflict between Palestine and Israel. The death toll is rising and we need to do something to stop the bloodshed.

I am calling upon all within the media, be it in Film and Television, Music or Arts, Writers or Broadcast Journalists, Presenters, Actors/ Actresses in showing solidarity and for all our voices to be heard.

We are all in a way responsible if we do not act. Lets all unite to stop this conflict and find peace.

Regardless of your faith or belief system, nationality, ethnic origin, let's all Unite and become one Voice. We need solidarity!

Peace love aneel x filmmaker

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