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Hey all,

We are a group of ANU university students, and as a born and bred Canberran, I’ve always had trouble with the Action Bus system. I have a hard time finding out where the stops are, the bus website is really hard to use on the go, and judging from the posts already made regarding this, I decided to go ahead and implement a mobile application for Action.

Our ideas so far involve a live-bus positioning so that you know where the bus is along its route, telling you the closest bus stop along with the times, scheduling a trip, alarms and anything people can suggest.

We developed a prototype with dummy data, and met up with Action to show them our work so far, and to try and get the data needed to get it working perfectly and accurately.

We were unfortunately told that while Action already has all the compiled Google Transit Feed data, they cannot provide us with anything due to the politics and bureaucracy involved

We want to develop our application for Android, iPhone, and even Blackberries, but we cant until we get the data and Action’s help.

If you think this application is worth it, please petition Action or the ACT government to release the Google Transit Feed data. Without your help, we cannot help you.

We placed our prototype on the market so people can see what we envision it to be, check it out on your Android mobile by entering this into your web-browser: market://search?q=pname:com.action or search for “My Bus 2.0 Schedule Canberra” in the market and feel free to give us feedback or comments!
You can also check for any updates at http://my-bus.com.au or email us at mybus2.0@gmail.com .

Your help or input is very much appreciated.


-The Imagine Team
Andrew, Anshul, Swapneel, Zakaria

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