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1. Oppose Zoning Variance -Commercial Daycare Center @ 226 Meadowvale Rd

Dulaney Valley Improvement Association (DVIA) has been a residential community since the mid 1950's. DVIA has tree lined streets and sidewalks to allow neighbors and their children to stroll along and get to know one another.
A new to the neighborhood resident, Haixia Chen Diggs bought 226 Meadowvale Road on April 18, 2017. The first of July she applied for a zoning variance to place a large family home day care center with 12 kids at this address.
A large family home day care center is considered by the state licensing agency and to be a commercial property. Haixia is seeking to get this property zoned as a business in a residential neighborhood.

2. Indoor Skate Park (Saint John - Rothesay)

The city of Saint John is in desperate need of an indoor skate park.

Let's make it happen!

3. Re-Open The Activity Center of Park Village

I believe a portion of our rent money that is supposed to be going into the unopened and inoperable Activity Center is being used for something else of less significance.

4. Take Down or Replace Inaccurate Sign at the Amqui Station

A plaque was affixed to the Amqui Station Museum and Visitor's Center (Madison, TN) in late 2013 that features multiple inaccuracies.

Entreaties to the Executive Director (Cate Hamilton) and Board of Directors of Discover Madison, Inc., (Carson W. "Bill" Beck, Karen Bennett, Anthony Davis, Rose Robertson Smith) the non-profit that manages the facility, plus the Tennessee Department of Transportation (Neil Hansen) who awarded the grant monies, have failed to incite action to either remove the sign or replace it with one that is correct.

5. Citizens Complaint Review Board

Whereas, citizens of Greensboro want, need, and will support a police department that provides for public safety, crime prevention, and acts within the rule of law; and

Whereas, citizens of Greensboro want and expect police department employees to be racially and ethnically diverse and to be well trained to ensure equal protection of the law for all people regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, economic status, immigration status, sexual orientation, or religious orientation; and

Whereas, allegations of Greensboro police unaccountability, unprofessionalism, discrimination, abuse of power, and excessive use of force have been raised for decades and such allegations are currently reflected in the existence of 45 pending lawsuits, several Title VI federal discrimination complaints, and the termination under questionable circumstances of five upstanding police officers; and

Whereas, our State Constitution reads: “All political power is vested in and derived from the people; all government of right originates from the people, is founded upon their will only, and is instituted solely for the good of the whole;” and

Whereas, citizen police oversight bodies exist in approximately 80% of the large cities in the U.S., including Charlotte, Durham, and Winston-Salem; and

Whereas, it is in the best interest of our city and all people for there to be public confidence in the independence and integrity of investigations and resolution of complaints against employees of the police department;

6. Bowen Continuity of Care Petition

- during pregnancy (antenatal care)
- during labour and birth (intrapartum care)
- after birth of your baby (postnatal care)

Seeing the same caregiver or small group of caregivers throughout pregnancy, labour and birth and afterwards is called continuity of care.

Midwifery continuity models are popular with women, provide improved birth and satisfaction outcomes, are cost-effective and are common overseas. For these reasons Australian governments are committed to increasing women's access to these models as outlined in the National Maternity Services Plan and actioned by the Queensland Government with the commitment to provide 10% of public birth care in these models. Continuity models also have advantages in the development and retention of a skilled workforce which is responsive to day-to-day demand.

These models provide each woman with care from a known midwife/s, usually to 6 weeks postpartum. To meet the needs of women and be sustainable for midwives, continuity models are innovative and flexible in relation to place of care in widwives' working arrangements. Women with any level of complexity of care, and midwives consult and refer to guidelines and clinical need.

7. Save the North Vancouver Delbrook Pottery Studio

Delbrook Pottery Studio has been operating in the North Shore for over 30years. Over this time it has provided the much needed space for North Vancouverites to create and express themselves using clay in a community focused and inexpensive way.

The studio offers drop-in and structured classes every day of the week, including studio memberships. Programs run for families, parent and child (3-5yrs), kids (6-12yrs), adults and seniors.

Within the next few years plans are underway to create a new Recreation Centre to consolidate William Griffin and Delbrook Rec Centers. At the moment there is great concern that the new building plans do not include space for a pottery studio.

When Delbrook Rec Centre is demolished, we will lose one of only two pottery studios run by the North Vancouver Rec Commission. Parkgate studio will be unable to accommodate the resulting volume and demand once this occurs.

At a time when the Government has recognized that Art is as important as fitness to the community by implementing a tax credit for children’s art programs, should we not in North Vancouver also recognize this, and preserve and expand already run clay programs for generations to come?

8. الحرية للناشط علي عثمان | Freedom for activist Ali Othman

الشاب البطل علي محمود عثمان المعروف "بالجد", ذو الأربع وثلاثين ربيعاً صاحب القلب الطيب, الأخ الأكبر لنا ...
كان بائعاً للخضار قبل الثورة يعتاش من عمله المتواضع في السوق في بابا عمرو, كان من أوائل الثائرين ضد الظلم والطغيان في سوريا, وأول عمل له في الثورة السورية كان كمتظاهر أمام نيران القناصة ودبابات النظام السوري .
ثم قام الناشط علي عثمان بمشاركة أصدقائه بالعمل في مجال الإعلام وكمصور ميداني لتصوير المظاهرات في حي بابا عمرو والأحداث فيها .
ومن اشهر واقوى ما التقتطه كميرته هو اول فيدو للقصف حيث علق فيه قائلا:
باباعمرو تقصف ...أين أنتم يا عرب
باباعمرو تقصف أين أنتم يا عرب :اول فيدو قصف يلتقط

وحياته أثناء الثورة كلها كانت خطراً بخطر ... وأشدها حين تم قصف المكتب الاعلامي في حي بابا عمرو مرتين ..
القصف الأول:قصف المكتب الاعلامي وعلي عثمان موجود وصوته واضح وهو يقول طفو كميرة البث المباشر كشفو المكان
فيديو اثتاء قصف المكتب الأعلامي
وساعد بأسعاف جرحى ونقل قتلى ناتجة عن قصف المكتب الاعلامي

في القصف الثاني للمركز الاعلامي الذي أدى لمقتل الصحفيين ماري كولفن وريمي اوشليك وجرح اثنين من الناشطين من المكتب الاعلامي في الحي .
حيث عرض نفسه للخطر الكبير بأنقاذ الجرحى وتصوير مقتل الصحفيين (ماري كولفن-ريمي اوشلك) بعد دقائق من مقتلهم غير مكترث بالقصف المستمر
مقتل الصحفيين بعد قصف المكتب الاعلامي


The journalist Ali Mahmoud Othman was born in 1978. He worked as a vegetable-seller prior to the revolution. Ali joined the revolution from the start, he protested and then joined the media side which included filming protests and the events taking place.

Some of the strongest clips Ali took with his camera, was actually the first video of the shelling - he speaks saying "Baba Amr is being shelled ... Where are you oh Arabs!"

His life was at risk twice as he was present both times the Baba Amr media centre got shelled.

The first time the Baba Amr media office was shelled: Ali Othman is present and speaks clearly saying "turn off the live stream, they have found out where we are"

Ali Othman was involved in helping the injuries and carrying them to safety during the attack on the Baba Amr media office:

The second time the Baba Amr media office was shelled: This was the attack that led to the twi journalists Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik being killed and others including the British journalist Paul Conroy, Edith Bouvier, William Daniels and Javier Espinosa being saved as well as activists. Ali subjected his life to risk as he went in to film and save the injured. He filmed this clip minutes after the attack:

A clip showing Ali Othman bravely speaking to the Turkish RT channel regarding the devastating situation of Baba Amr


الناشط الاعلامي والصحفي علي محمود عثمان من المكتب الاعلامي تم اعتقاله في حلب
بعد ان خرج من باباعمرو مجبرا ونحن في المكتب الاعلامي نناشد المنظمات الحقوقية والانسانية
في جميع انحاء العالم كما اتحاد الصحفيين العرب والأمم المتحدة بالتدخل السريع لأنقاذ حياة الناشط علي عثمان
الذي تعرض لأشد انواع التعذيب منذ اعتقاله الى الان وكما نحمل المسؤولية الكاملة للنظام السوري
عن أي مكروه قد يصيبه علما أن الصحفي علي عثمان كان يساعد بأسعاف الجرحى وله دور كبير بأنقاذ حياة الصحفيين:
ايدت بوفييه
باول كونري
ويليام دانييل
كما انه معروف لدى الصحافة الذين دخلوا حي باباعمرو بما أنه كان يرافقهم بجولاتهم في الحي.
و قام الصحفي علي عثمان بعمل بطولي وعرض حياته للخطر الكبير بأن قام بنقل المجزرة التي
حصلت بالصحفيين الى وسائل الاعلام العربية والاجنبية بعد قصف المكتب الاعلامي بالصواريخ بدقائق قليلة :
ماري كولفن
ريمي اوشلك
والنشطاء الذين كان وباقي الصحفيين بداخل المكتب الاعلامي.


A statement from the Baba Amr media centre team:

The media journalist Ali Mahmoud Othman from the media office of Baba Amr has been detained in Aleppo. Ali Othman was forced to flee Baba Amr to Aleppo after the regime stormed the neighborhood. We, the media office, are calling on all human rights organisations across the world, as well as the Federation of Arab Journalists and the United Nations to interfere immediately to save the life of the journalist and activist Ali Othman who is being subjected to the worst forms of torture since his arrest. We place full responsibility on the Syrian Assad regime for any harm caused to the journalist Ali Othman. Ali, the journalist, helped with the procedure of removing injuries from the besieged neighborhood to safety and treatment and played a large role in saving the lives of the following journalists:

Edith Bouvier
Paul Conroy
William Daniels
Javier Espinosa

Ali was also known to the media who entered the neighborhood of Baba Amr prior to it's storming. Ali was involved in taking them around on tours of the neighborhood and accompanied them to many parts of it.

The journalist Ali Othman also subjected himself to great danger as he conveyed the massacre of the journalists to the Arab and international media after the Baba Amr media office was shelled with missiles in minutes.

Marie Colvin
Remi Ochlik

Ali also risked his life in helping aid the activists inside the media office and the other journalists who were present during the attack.

9. Save the CDC Subsidized Program

The UCR Child Development Center released a letter to families participating in the subsidized child care program in mid April 2011. The program has provided more than a 70% reduction to low income families to allow their children the opportunity to a quality education in a safe and nurturing environment – an opportunity that most of the families would not have otherwise had.

The letter stated the subsidized program will no longer be offered to faculty and staff families (student staff will remain on the program) effective June 2011 giving the families less than two months to come up with an alternative plan for their children.

If action is not taken these families will not have the quality child care needed to continue to nourish their children’s education and social skills.

10. No to Adult User Fees Proposed For Jimmie Simpson

The 2011 City budget proposes to add adult user fees at Jimmie Simpson. This means that unless you qualify for the city’s “Welcome Policy” that Adult Programs at Jimmie Simpson will cost between $48 and $75 for a 9 week session.

If we don't do anything about it now, the City can continue doing this for all the other free community centers that some of us need.

11. Northeast Ohio Community Coalition Against Closing Huron's Hospital Trauma Center

Cleveland Clinic HealthCare System has announced that it will close the Level II Trauma Care Unit at Huron Hospital located in East Cleveland, a decision that will impact not only the East Cleveland community, but our adjacent cites and suburban neighbors as well as.

The Cleveland EMS, by protocol, takes all trauma patients from our area to Huron Hospital. If they close the Huron Trauma Unit, now, these patients would have to be transported all the way to Hillcrest or Metro Health Hospital, which is approximately 14 miles away and approximately 25 minutes from the patients it serves, that's in good weather and no traffic. When you add to this the fact that the average response time from Cleveland EMS is now approximately 13 minutes, you can see why everyone in the surrounding communities are at risk.

For them to cut services to Cleveland's east side wards and our suburban neighbors are shocking. We believe this decision speaks volumes as to how out of touch they are regarding low income families, the elderly and the working poor in our east side neighborhoods.

12. Save our Pride, Save our Pool

A once proud and thriving cultural development venue, the Lawrence Street Recreation Center has been neglected by the city for years.

While municipal projects went forward elsewhere, our African-American families stood to lose generations of tradition with activities already diminished by the lack of appropriate funding where it is needed most.

Swimming is not only fun, but also a safety skill that disproportionately affects African-Americans from a history that needs no clarification. It is time for Lawrence Street Recreation Center to be re-developed with a full set of amenities of a first class, indoor facility.

We realize that Lawrence Street recreational facility is vital to all citizens of Marietta regardless of race or color, even though it is the African American community that has sought to initiate this endeavor, all are welcome to join.

Note: Cullen Jones, was only the second African-American to ever win a swimming gold medal even though black people are less than 1% of the competitive swimmers. It can't change by closing pools and closing opportunities in our own neighborhoods.

Sign this petition and tell the city that we are not only going to be counted in the Census, but also in our local government on every issue from now on, starting with this one.

Save our Pride. Save our Pool.

13. Review Club Hours for the youth of the LeoGoodwin Foundation Teen Center

Changing club hours would be beneficial for the youth of the LeoGoodwin Foundation Teen Center. at this moment the club is open at 3pm on schools days , but on Non-school days its open from 9am to 5pm. The teens that attend this center start arriving btween 11am to Noon. As we all know most teenagers don't wakeup early in the morning.

This brings the benefit of having the club Hours changed to either 11am to 8:30pm or 11:30 to 9pm, the teens would be able to spend more quality time at the club and interact with more activities during the summer and on non-school days.

14. Support Jake's Restaurant Group Proposal

Jake's Restaurant Group, which operates casual dining restaurants in the Bay Area is proposing to open and operate a new restaurant at 14101 Winchester Blvd. which is located in the Vasona Station Shopping Center in the Town of Los Gatos.

The proposed Restaurant is 4,000 square ft. and would serve casual dining cionsisting of prepared to order sandwiches, hamburgers and pizza,etc. and would serve beer and wine. Jake's Restaurant Group currently operates 6 restaurants in the area: The Garret in Campbell, Jake's Restaurants in Willow Glen, Saratoga and Sunnyvale and The Boardwalk of Los Altos and the Oasis of Menlo Park.

We are very involved in each of these communities and believe in "giving back" by supporting local organizations, sports groups and public schools.

We feel that we would be a benefit to the community that surrounds this location.

15. Allow the property at the southern end of Center Street, to be converted into a "Dog Park"

In an effort to provide a safe area for the many dogs (and their owners) in my neighborhood to run, walk and play, without the worry of being hit by a motor vehicle. There are no sidewalks in our neighborhood to walk you pet safely. The property at the southern end of Center Street has been vacant since the demolition of the First Aid building, many years ago.

Only until just recently, the property has been excavated and refilled with raw material which was dredged from one of the lagoons in Beach Haven West.

This property would be ideal for a "Dog Park"! Please consider this petition and the reasons surrounding it. Our communities safety is at risk!

16. Creston Needs a new Skatepark

There are many playgrounds and parks in Creston for primary school-aged children - several within walking distance of every house. There is NOTHING for secondary school-aged children, except ONE small useless skate park.

THIS IS UNFAIR. Then the Councils wonder why youth hang around the streets with nothing to do. Teenagers need exercise and facilities too.

Skateboarding is a popular sport - if kids have no skate parks, they will still skate - on the streets in churches, schools. People tell them off, but they have no alternative!

Where does all the money from the City of Creston go? New developments such as the recreation center add-on. No good to us.

PLEASE - we would like a skate park for teenagers in Creston! (Or at least rebuild the small skate park by the recreation center).

On an extra note; skate parks can accommodate many other sports too such as BMXing and rollerblading.

17. Employee acts and services at Coudersport Drivers License Center

After visiting the Penndot Drivers License Center in Coudersport PA on two occasions I witnessed and experienced rude behavior by the employees at this location.

These people are suppose to be serving the commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the community mentioned. After talking with several people in the community I am now aware that these acts are not specific to my experiences and it seems that this is the way that these particular PENNDOT employees conduct there services to the community and the people of the commonwealth.

18. On Anti-Semitism, Boycotts, and the Case of Hermann Dierkes

The open letter below was publicly issued by the 371 peace activists of Jewish background listed directly underneath the letter. The names were obtained after circulating the letter for only a week, and many additional peace activists of Jewish background have asked to add their names and so we are posting this statement online and invite further signatories. Contact us at

19. Restore Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center In Plainfield, NJ

We are a coalition of the People's Organization for Progress(POP)/Restore Muhlenberg Coalition/Buy Muhlenberg.

We are an alliance of citizens who are very concerned about the devastating effects that the closing of Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center has on Plainfield, the surrounding 13 communities and over 200,000 people. We are worried about the rescue squads that are now saddled with longer travel distances and slower response times to medical emergencies. We are also very concerned about the additional burden placed on the other over-crowded area hospitals where medical care has been compromised.

Muhlenberg is an essential hospital that must be restored so please don't be afraid to share comments and personal experiences about the after-effects of Muhlenberg's closing when signing the petition.

We meet every Monday at 6:30PM at the Ducret School of Art, 1030 Central Ave, Plainfield, NJ 07060. All are welcome.

The coalition also has a Yahoo! groups listing. Please visit the website and add your name to the e-mail list:

20. Safer Streets For Hill Health Center – Columbus Ave. Office


As a supporter of this petition, I am hereby requesting that the City of New Haven get involved in assisting to resolve the continual problem of speeding traffic that we are experiencing, hoping to gain the respect for the crosswalk that is in front of the Hill Health Center on Columbus Ave and Surrounding territories.

Our Center serves over 150,000 patients a year and it is vitally important to us to follow up with the safety of the patients and together as a community begin to make the necessary changes in this crosswalk zone. It would be devastating to have someone get hurt or killed before something positive happens and in order to avoid this, I sincerely urge the City of New Haven to enforce a method of safety (perhaps a stop light) for our patients who remain at risk.


Marlo Rivera
Employee & Resident
of New Haven

21. Berlin Performing Arts Center Initiative

The purpose of the Berlin Performing Arts Center Initiative is to bring a much needed venue for cultural events to the people of the Northern Worcester County.

The Initiative seeks to positively impact the quality of life on the whole of the Delmarva Peninsula by providing a place to present a broad spectrum of exciting and vibrant national and regional performance art events while offering a home for local musical, theatrical, cultural, and educational groups.

22. Fraser Heights Community Centre - Weight Room/Fitness Expansion

The City of Surrey took up the GO FOR 20 CHALLENGE in August 2005 to encourage residents to increase their physical activity.

Fraser Heights Community Center was built without a much needed fitness centre that should have included a variety of cardio equipment- treadmills, elliptical trainers, bikes, stairclimbers, rowing machines as well as a free weight area.

23. Use of Parking Passes at the Northern Sports Center

The use of UNBC parking passes is prohibited and results in ticketing at the new
UNBC Northern Sports Center. The NSC is paid for by school tuition, as is a school
facility that is available to UNBC students, so why is parking to be used under a
different program. Parking passes available at the university cost students in
excess of $200.00 a year, and now it is told that people have to pay to go to our
own school's gym. Also with sporting events and intramurals, they expect
students to come and support our sports programs, when our sports center won't
support us.

24. Greene County Career and Technology Center should obtain more scholarships

Organizations offer a lot of scholarship money that we are not taking advantage of.

25. Have the Gathering of the Juggalos in Oklahoma

Alright I am starting this to try and get the Gathering at a central location in the US so then it is Centered and no one can gripe it is fair for all at least one time have it close to the center of the country

26. Do not allow a Daycare Center Near Pediphile Residence

A local Church is trying to open a licensed day care center next to an apartment building that houses pedophiles.

The law does not cover pedophiles if they move-in prior to the center opening only after the business is in place. If this center was to open this would be a great risk for the children that would attend.

27. Justice for Yeosu Detention Center Fire Victims and All Migrant Workers


Greetings from the Seoul-Gyeonggi-Incheon Migrants Trade Union!
We are a union formed by and for migrant workers in South Korea. Our
members come from many countries including Bangladesh, Nepal, the
Philippines, the U.S., Indonesia and Sri Lanka. We are contacting you to ask for
your solidarity in our struggle to improve the situation of migrant workers in

In the interest of building the global struggles for workers and migrants rights
we would also like to learn about similar organizations and unions around the
world. We believe this is the first step to establishing solidarity between us.
Please take a moment to send us information about your work.

In solidarity,
Seoul-Gyeonggi-Incheon Migrants Trade Union

Summary of the Incident
At 4:00 am on February 11 a fire swept through the locked cells of the
detention center at the Yeosu Immigration Controls Office, killing 9 detainees
and wounding 18 others. Neither the alarm system nor the sprinklers operated
when the fire broke out. The detention center staff tried but failed to put out
the flames using portable fire extinguishers. Even so, they did not unlock cells
to free the detainees. The detainees were forced to breathe in toxic fumes
emitted from burning mattresses. These fumes were the cause of most of the
deaths and injuries.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. The South Korean government
says it suspects arson by one detainee, but has not produced any evidence.
Despite this alibi it is not hard to see that the real roots of the tragedy lie
elsewhere- in the government’s inhumane policy towards migrant workers.

Background on Migrant Workers in Korea
There are currently roughly 400 thousand migrant workers in South Korea, of
whom about 189,000 are undocumented. Migrants in Korea have come under
either the “Industrial Trainee System” or the “Employment Permit System,”
which place them at specific factories and prohibit them from freely moving to
other jobs. Most migrant workers experience inhumane treatment, unsafe
working environments and low and unpaid wages. Therefore, many must leave
their assigned jobs in search of better conditions, thus becoming

The government has responded to this situation with a brutal crackdown.
Migrant workers are frequently injured and killed in surprise immigration raids.
What is more, they face inhumane conditions and human rights abuses in
detention centers like the one in Yeosu, which are worse than prisons. Migrants’
organizations and their supporters believe that the only true way to solve the
issue is to stop the crackdown, improve the migrant workers system and
legalize all undocumented migrants.

Human Rights Abuses in the Aftermath of the Fire
Injured migrants have been forced to receive treatment while handcuffed to
their hospital beds. 28 migrants who were deemed to need no treatment were
transferred to Cheong-ju Detention Center. Of these, 17 were forcibly deported
without begin given any compensation. The government is also refusing to
reveal information about the case to bereaved families and civil society

In response, MTU has come together with migrant and civil society
organizations to form the ‘Joint Committee for Counter Measures to the Tragic
Fire at Yeosu Foreigners Detention Center.’ We are working to raise awareness
about the incident and its roots and investigating the actual conditions in
detention centers around the country. We held a memorial service and mass
rally on February 25, which was met by police violence.

Now more than ever, our struggle needs international support. The situation of
migrant workers in South Korea must be familiar to all those who come from
and/or work in immigrant working-class communities in throughout the world.
Please show your solidarity by signing this petition to the South Korean

28. Right to Choose Educational Facility

Head Start is a program that was founded by parents and supported by government funds. The organizational structure of Head Start allows parents to vote on issues that will affect their children's well-being. Parents are entitled to reject the decisions made by board members.

The main objective at Head Start, Inc. should be to make sure the children are being taught in a healthy and safe environment. The move of Head Start from its current location to the Paulding's Children's Academy located at 145 Academy Drive in Dallas, Georgia 30132 was not voted on or approved by any parents who children attend the center located at 55 Hiram Drive in Hiram, Georgia 30341.

This move will cause parents to have to make alternate child care arrangements for their children. The center is not within reasonable proximity from each parents home and Head Start does not provide bus transportation for its students.

The new location smells unsanitary upon entering and parents are not allowed to take a walk through the center to get a better idea of the environment in which their children will be learning.

29. Waterford Emergency Communications Center / AFSCME Council 4

The 9-1-1 Dispatchers of the Waterford Emergency Communications Center have taken action to form with AFSCME Council 4.

Although the State Labor Department has recognized that we have a significant majority of signatures on our intent card; and we had half of our department present for the hearing for formation we were denied voluntary recognition as a union.

30. Resolve New Houseman Uniform Conflict

The new mandatory uniform for the Housekeeping- Houseman, has been a "thorn in the side" of each of the following mentioned houseman from the day it was implemented.

We have recieved random insults from fellow employees and some laughs from department managers, and feel completely uncomfortable wearing this uniform.

The insults, snickering, and the feeling of inequality to other employees (due to the new uniform), has risen to the point where many houseman are becoming stressed and embarrassed while working on the job.

In addition, the design of the t-shirt resembles that of the female housekeepers and doesn't represent the Housekeeping department in a flattering or respectiful mannar. We were not given a fair choice for this new uniform and feel it would be unjust to leave this issue unresolved.