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Scottish Government, BBC, News International. Mirror Group, SFA, SPL
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If you believe Rangers fans and our club are under a sustained and politically motivated attack, from biased MP's and equally divisive media establishments, then please take a moment to sign our petition.

Rangers fans took the unusual step of protesting outside the BBC in Glasgow recently, due to this corporation being duped into a false and utterly appalling tale about the "Famine song".

Compare and contrast the media coverage one week later when other supporters are caught red handed singing songs in support of banned terrorist organisations.

Rangers fans do not ask for favouritism or preferential treatment, but we do demand that we are given parity of esteem. We also demand that Michael Matheson SNP MSP, is disciplined by the Scottish government, for his biased and ludicrous statements on the Hokey Cokey song. Once again, bigots with an agenda attack Rangers fans, for no reason, other than their own prejudices.

Request for Parity of Esteem for Rangers Supporters

We, the undersigned, request that the Scottish Government take action with regards to the sectarian one sided media and political agenda in Scotland against the Rangers Football Club Support.

In recent years the support of Rangers Football Club have been the focus of concerted attack by sections of the media and the political world.

Much of the attack is based loosely on the back of fighting Sectarianism and Bigotry, which is an admirable cause, in theory, but in reality, is used as a vehicle to attack one section of the community, and one section only, in many cases with articles, or opinions printed or published on the subject, with little or no mention of sectarian attitudes still prevalent elsewhere in Scotland.

In the fight to curb sectarianism and bigotry in Scotland, the collective groups, and the undersigned, request that the Scottish Government:

Define, in detail what is sectarian, and what isn't; what terms are sectarian, what songs are sectarian, and what actions are sectarian.

Take this decision without the input of non relevant groups such as Republican activist groups, who are not the Ying, to the Orange Order's Yang.

Accept that support for a sectarian "political" organisation is not Political, but is indeed sectarian, if that organisation's core motive is/was to kill members of a different faith to their own.

Publish these guidelines once.

Revise anti sectarian laws to reflect these guidelines.

Set a sentence for failing to adhere to these laws.

Punish those who fail to adhere to these laws.


Bears4Justice and the Undersigned

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