#Children's Rights
10 Downing Street, London
United Kingdom

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My website has profiled over 9.000 UK paedophiles.


I am sick of hearing the excuses Paedophiles give for abusing our vulnerable and innocent children and I want society as a whole to stand up and show how disgusted we are.

Whatever the do-gooders and the well-meaning say, the sick desires of these people will NEVER go away and they will continue to do damage to our future generations.

If they have killed once, abused a child or viewed indecent images, they will do it again if they think they can get away with it – and they always believe they will. The re-offending rate of a convicted paedophile is estimated at around 70 %.

Which makes it even more bewildering to most police officers is that this type of criminal should ever be even considered for release.

And all the mental health professionals I have spoken to agree with me that paedophilia is one condition for which there is simply no reliable cure.

Please click and sign this petition - It is to safe guard our future generations childrens safety from the dangers that paedophiles pose. Our children deserve more rights !

Paedophiles and rapists won the right to challenge to have their names removed from the Sex Offenders Register in a landmark human rights ruling.

Appeal Court judges ruled sex offenders who no longer pose a threat should be given the chance to have their names wiped off the police database. The decision has outraged victims’ groups who fear sexual predators will commit further crimes without any restrictions or supervision of their movements.

The case comes after two convicted sex attackers, including a child rapist, went to the High Court arguing that being on the register for life was a breach of their human rights.

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