#Children's Rights
The Federal Minister for Justice and Customs

Ban Sexual Abuse of Avatars which look like Children.

Ban Sexual Actions involving Avatars which look like Children.

As Nine News reported, some people have been posing as children in virtual reality using avatars and inviting others to virtually molest them.

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This petition aims to ban such behaviour in Australia.

Whether these scenarios occur whilst the monitor is off or on, the law should be the same.

Whether these scenarios occur whilst the volume is off, on or muted, the law should be one.

We, the undersigned, hereby respectfully call upon the Federal Minister for Justice and Customs, to immediately act in regards to the following important issue:

The virtual sexual abuse of children.

We respectfully request that this practise be outlawed and laws to severely punishment all people involved in such activities be passed immediately.

By "virtual sexual abuse of children", the following meanings are intended:

1) Participation by any individual in any virtual reality activity wherein virtual sexual activity or abuse visually appears to occur on screen whilst an avatar is employed by any user engaged in the virtual sexual activity which represents that user in appearance as a child.

2) Participation by any minor (regardless of whether the aforesaid minor is posing as a child or an adult or using an avatar which is representative of a child or an adult) in any virtual reality activity wherein the minor engages in sexual activities which would be illegal if physically performed in like manner by any minor in Australia.

All signatories expect Australia to develop and promote a safe virtual environment for children whilst maintaining safe physical environments.

Regardless of the outcome of the election, all signatories respectfully request this petition be acted upon by either the current minister, the Hon David Johnston (senator.johnston@aph.gov.au) or his most probable successor Hon Arch Bevis (Arch.Bevis.MP@aph.gov.au), the current Shadow Minister for Justice and Customs.

Thank you for signing this petition and helping to provide a safe environment for all Australian children.

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