Osceola County
United States of America

Osceola County is proposing the introduction of a new Ordinance (08-13) which will not allow all landowners in communities to vote or stand for Board of Supervisors.

By only allowing US citizens with Osceola County registered voting access to vote or stand for election under Ordinance 08-13 and denying ALL landowners and full tax payers to vote, Osceola County is discriminating against us and dividing our communities, which will not be run fairly and equitably by and for EVERY landowner.

Indian Creek is 90% STR Homes, we feel as homeowners we should have an adequate voice in all aspects of the neighborhood.

We, the undersigned landowners in Osceola County, demand that the County allows us our right to vote and stand for election on the Board of Supervisors under Ordinance 08-13, which rights are being denied to us purely by the fact that we reside in another Country, another State or another County.

Being that Indian Creek has 90% of its homeowners out of the state and country.

We feel this is not a fair representation for our community.

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The Ordinance 08-13 in its present format is Unfair to Homeowners petition to Osceola County was written by Karen Gilson and is in the category Government at GoPetition.