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In early 2008, Gordon Brown pledged to help 300,000 children in primary schools through one-to-one support. One-to-one support is mainly for those children who have difficulty keeping up in class. An additional teacher will help them out in doing so and making sure they understand it properly as a class teacher is often very busy.

However, by June 2009, research has shown that instead of being close to helping the 300,000 children that were promised help, this figure has only risen to 3,500 on average in the whole of the UK. This is not even half of what was pledged.

Ministers have talked for years about introducing better and more accesible one-to-one support. But nothing has ever been done. Only a tiny fraction of children in need of this support actually recieve it, and this is after being 'looked over' by a group of 'professional educationalists'.

484 schools IN ENGLAND have joined the one-to-one tuition programme, but little progress has been made. And what about Scotland? Where is our help?

Schools are becoming more and more accessible for disabled children (through ramps, elevators, etc), but schools seem to fail to help these children educationally when in a mainstream school.

Is this really acceptable in modern day society?

We, the undersigned, call on the Scottish Board Of Education to:

1. Introduce more one-to-one support in primary and secondary schools across Scotland.

2. Make one-to-one support more accesible for those who need it, so a 'fight' with teachers/education board is not needed.

3. Help our children.

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