#Housing Opportunity Development
North Stonington Planning & Zoning Commission
United States of America

Garden Court, LLC has submitted a Zone regulation change to build a complex of 408 one and two bedroom units in 17, four story residential buildings. Each building will house 24 units.

The location on Boombridge Rd., will not be able to handle the traffic that will be generated as it is a small, narrow, winding country road and to add an additional 400+ cars per day would make the road a hazardous one. The Lewis Farm constantly has farm equipment and often has the cows or bulls in the road moving them to different fields.

The farms have gotten tax breaks to keep the town rural and this would be located right near Lewis farm. This would take away from the historical farm and pose a hazard to the farm animals.

The additional polution created be automobile emmissions would also be unhealthy for the farm animals. People drive fast now down Boombridge (which is 35) an additional increase in travel would make this country road into a small highway.

We the undersigned ask the zone/regulation change request by Garden Court, LLC. be denied.

These are Assessors Parcels 118/2751/49 3006, with approximately 63.69 acres and frontage on Cranberry Bog Road and 119/2751/59 9950 with approximately 33.45 acres and frontage on Boombridge Road which would be used to develop a Housing Opportunity Development zoning district and then zone the property HOD.

Also to have a change of boundaries of existing zoning map denied.

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