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To Whom It May Concern
United States of America

Because of the media twisting facts and letting people see and hear what they want them to see and hear they've given a breed a repuation it doesn't deserve.

We the members of the Angel Paws Kennel Club and assorted American Pit Bull Terriers lovers around the world bring you this message.

Think deeply, honestly, and carefully about the breed you are considering passing discrimatory legislation against. It doesn't deserve the reputation street fighters, thugs, idiots, and the opportunistic let-you-see-what-they-want-you-to-see media have forcefully thrown upon it.

You see, this breed was created by old time dog fighters to only be aggressive toward other dogs. Those fighters of old were smart enough to not breed dogs that would put their life or limbs in any sort of danger. And the way the fighting fraternity worked demanded a dog that was docile and amiable in any sort of situation because sometimes they even needed to be handled (medical attention) when they were torn open by another dog and in incredible pain or in the middle of their fight (canine tooth stuck in flew instance).

There developed a dog that was aggressive to other dogs but at the same time extremely docile with humans and dying to please them.

Because they are so eager to please and will do anything their master wants, sick, twisted individuals can teach them that they want them to be vicious toward people (mostly through extremely cruel abuse). So they learn to be mean dogs from their owner. But back up in time and place these dogs in stable homes with families who are competent in the rearing of a canine and these very same dogs would probably grow up to be so human friendly that they wouldn't bite a human for any reason unless it was to protect a family member.

We don't mean this in a rude sense but we suggest you come to understand this breed through research so you can separate fact from fiction and make sound judgment calls that will be to the benefit of all.

You see, you can't blame a dog for what his master does to him. If you don't want Pit Bulls going around biting people, then go after the people that make their dogs that way in the first place. If they can do it with a Pit Bull, they can do it with a Labrador Retriever, a Rottweiler, a Collie, or any dog they please.

Pit Bulls need our help, not our hate.

No More Breed Specific Legislation. Pit Bulls need our help, not our hate.

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