#Human Rights

The thoughts behind this pledge.

As a petition is only a question to take action in a certain area of policy, it doesn’t take much of the signers to put their autograph beneath it. It can be done with no attention for the goal. The pledge combined with a petition will ask something from the person who puts his autograph beneath it. There is a certain amount of personal value that is invested in this pledge. No one signs this pledge without giving it their attention.

A pledge is not a legal document, and shouldn't be treated as such. It is asking for a man, or womans word to uphold a promise they made.

Don't sign this pledge lightly.

Make it a real commitment to Life.

You will not only influence the leaders. You will influence the collective heart of humanity.

Leadership is an act of taking responsibility.

Warschauer Kniefall is a German term meaning "The Warsaw Genuflection (kneeling)", which refers to the incident on December 7, 1970, in which social democratic Chancellor of Germany Willy Brandt, while visiting a monument to the Nazi-era Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in the then communist Peoples Republic of Poland, very surprisingly, and to all appearances spontaneously, knelt. The occasion was the signing of the Treaty of Warsaw between West Germany and the Peoples Republic of Poland. It should be noted in this context that Brandt himself had actively resisted the Nazi regime.

In historical terms, Brandt gained much renown for this act, and it is thought to be one of the reasons he received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1971.

While at the time, positive reactions may have been limited, his show of humility was a small but vital step in bridging the gaps World War II had left between Germany and Eastern Europe.

With enough pledges collected, this pledge will turn into a petition for the worlds leaders to sign. It will be taken to the United Nations as a powerfull statement from the people of the world. The more pledges from the people, the more powerfull the statement and pressure on the leaders.

"My greatest succes was having contributed to the fact that, in the world we live in, the name of our country, Germany that is, and the concept of peace can again be mentioned in the same breath."

(Willy Brandt, 1913-1992)

The pledge:

No action of mine will be so cruel that a future leader will need to fall on his knees in shame for the history of his countrymen. I will not give consent to injustice, or inhumanities by staying silently by and looking the other way. This pledge I take to all humanity, and to all that is sacred to me.

With this pledge I make my knee fall to ask forgiveness for the atrocities done in my name, or by me. History will not be repeated through my actions, or my silence. The buck stops here. Let Us bridge the gap.

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