NFL Fans
United States of America

Dear NFL Owners/Players:

We, the fans of the National Football League (NFL), are demanding that the pending NFL Lockout come to an immediate END. As fans, we are disappointed that you have taken America's favorite sport and turned it into a NASTY business! Football Sundays mean tailgate parties, screaming at the refs, wearing our favorite jersey(s), and most of importantly; it means FAMILY. For generations, people have passed on their love for a team from their grandparents, parents and even down to their own kids.

In 2011, we want to continue to go to the stadium, to the couch or to our favorite sports bar to watch our favorite tams win the game!

Thus, we the undersigned, call on the NFL Commissioner, the NFL Owners, and the NFL Players to end the current NFL LOCKOUT immediately.

If not for yourselves, do it for THE FANS!

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