#Children's Rights
Chuck E. Cheese Entertainment
United States of America

As a place of family entertainment, Chuck E. Cheese is often crowded, filled with tons of families on any given day. On the weekends, that capacity increases significantly. It is hard to keep a strong eye on the children in our party with such clutter, but the bigger problem lies in areas where our children cant help but be unseen. The Tunnel areas....These tunnels are often loads of fun and adventure as they lead down to what is usually the ultimate indoor slide, however, these tunnels are impossible for parents to observe their children. With this sight unseen, it is hard to prevent things from happening to our children while navigating to the slides.

On December 4, 2009, at the Glen Burnie location in Governor's plaza, my 4 year old son was sexually assaulted by two little girls, ages 8 and 9. In these tunnels, they kept him trapped, where they victimized and manipulated him. I couldn't stop what was happening when i couldn't see it happening. I learned of what happened when he finally got out of those tunnels to tell me of what happened.

I am asking that you change the structure of the tunnels that lead to the slides and/or ball pits etc. Those tunnels should be clear, so that parents can see their children at all times.

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