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Dr. Domenic Belcastro's Dental Office

Hello! We are a group of grade sixes from the National Ballet School. All of our dreams are to become a ballet dancer. The National Ballet School is trying to build a new school for the staff and students, but are short of money. We are trying to raise a total of 56 million dollars.

We are competing with the ROM and an Art Gallery for money from the government. We really need this. Our current school's change rooms are disgusting. They have rats, ants, cockroaches, and the tiles are coming off. Once this year there was an over flow of sewage that leaked onto the floor. The cafeteria is very small. There are 150 students in our school, and there is only about 10 tables in the cafeteria (only 4 people are allowed to a table). The classrooms are very old. People who have allergies struggle to concentrate (e.g. mold). The bathrooms are filled with spiders. IT'S DISGUSTING!!

This is where your part comes in. We need your signature to convince the government to give us the money. Please, help us! Thanks.
(to find out more information about the National Ballet School, visit www.nationalballetschool.org)

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