President Obama, Congress and the Senate

Since the BP Oil Disaster, America's Gulf seafood has been in question. As Americans watched the millions gallons of oil pouring into the Gulf of Mexico in horror, those businesses and families that depend on the Gulf for their livelihoods held their breath.

While the people of the Gulf had seen oil spills before, the BP Oil Spill would change the environment and their lives for generations to come. It seems that Washington DC thinks Americans are simply naive and that be issuing a few press releases and some commercials that everything will be fine. Well Mr. President, I for one can say that is not good enough.

More needs to be done and it needs to be done right now before these hard working people, who want only to work for their money, become another statistic in what history is sure call America's worst nightmare. Do you feel safe Mr. President feeding this seafood to your children and what it may do to them on a cellular level? Do you fear what it may do to your grand children because that is what "we the people" fear the most!

There seems to be only one organization that has made a commitment to any kind of stand on this issue. The NationalSafe SeafoodCouncil.com has been created by some of the same people effected by this disaster and they are committed to see this through until funding is provided for proper long term testing.

We the people of the United States of America do hereby demand that proper scientific testing be completed at regular intervals on our seafood, particularly that which comes from the Gulf of Mexico.

Our government seems to have partnered with BP and they are conducting inadequate non-scientific tests that do not go far enough to inform the public as to the long term status of the seafood coming from the now infected waters of our beloved Gulf. By signing this petition, we the people, remind our elected officials that this dilemma will not simply go away as you would like it to.

There are thousands of businesses and families affected by the BP oil disaster and we feel that they should provide funding for long term “third party independent testing” in order to inform the American public about the safety of the products they are consuming now and in the future. These tests cannot be performed by those who caused this disaster in the first place; therefore it is only logical that this task be given to an organization whose sole mission is to provide accurate information about the safety of our seafood to the American public.

We hereby authorize the National Safe Seafood Council to act as our custodian for the required scientific testing and the subsequent release of the results to the American public free of any bias or manipulation for political or financial gains.

We the People!

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