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April 28, 2006

This Petition will be sent to Congress & President Bush December 13, 2006. It may be extended as we review the signature count each month.

**National Petition for Federal Oil Policy Change**

1. Remove all Federal Gas Tax - This would remove a lot of congressional spending waste and "pork-barrel". This tax was initiated to create our federal interstates in 1932! And is no longer needed yet Congress continues to take the tax and spend the money generated on everything except building interstates. We feel this would begin to ease the burden on the consumer.

The Federal Tax on gas is currently 18.4 cents per gallon which adds approx. $3.50 per tank of gas.


2. Allow ANWAR and Other Areas to be drilled for Oil - Currently we have more Oil available for drilling than the Middle East Countries combined however, a minority group of environmentalists have been able to scare the U.S. Government and take the U.S. Public hostage by not allowing us to utilize our own natural resources. Because of this policy we have become hostage to Radical Religious Fanatics and dependant on Countries which wish our destruction (remember 9/11).

Currently the Chinese, among others are drilling for oil just a few miles off the coast of Florida however, the U.S. is forbidden to drill there because of the Far Left Wing Environmentalists! We are loosing our resources to other countries because of our unbelievable policies which, it's sad to say, even other countries find incomprehensible.

Even Fidel Castro says he may start drilling there and we can't! That means that a Chinese company is or will be drilling for oil and gas within 50 miles of the U.S. coast even though under U.S. policy American energy companies are barred from drilling along most areas of the U.S. coast.

The Saudi crown prince was quoted a while back stating that they "would never use oil as a weapon". Just stating that alone, should be warning enough that we cannot afford to wait, we need to take action NOW! Nobody knows for certain how much oil there is in ANWAR, except that most in the know believe there is a lot. It will take about two years to get the first quart of crude flowing south. We need to start drilling right now, in the hope that we will have it when we need it.

It seems pretty unreasonable not to have the ability to utilize our own resource here, especially in view of the true environmental cost which really is zero. The reality is that only 2000 - of 6 million acres - (one half of one percent) of the wildlife refuge would be impacted, and as seen with the pictures of wildlife all around the existing pipeline the facts show the wildlife is not effected.


3. Remove Oil from the Commodities Market - Oil like Electricity is a NEED, not a luxury. Every U.S, Citizen needs gas to drive and heating oil to survive the winter exactly like Electricity, yet you do not see the price of Electricity being manipulated in the stock market like Oil is! The only reason for this is Greed! The President and/or Congress can put a stop to this immediately if they are forced to do so by YOU!

From MoneyNews: "Traders' January attempts to forecast the stock market outcome could be likened to a game of 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey.' One Energy Analyst from Goldman-Sachs, in his article titled "Super Spike Period May Be Upon Us," raised the range for crude prices from between $50 and $80 per barrel to between $50 and $105.
Another Article states: "This sudden surge, coming in the wake of a much slower increase over the previous three months, suggests that trends warranted by supply-demand balances have been significantly amplified by speculative factors.

Most predictions of where oil prices are headed are based on trends in oil futures or derivative instruments that involve a bet on the likely trend in oil prices. Long positions, involving current access to the commodity held with the intention of selling it later indicate that speculators are betting on a price increase. This implies that available stocks are being held back with future trade at a profit in mind.

To the extent that this affects the actual demand-supply balance at any given point of time, these expectations of a price increase tend to get realized. This renders the price volatile as well."
One other point: Oil Speculation hurts the U.S. however, it hurts even the more the poorer nations of the world and should be stopped if for no other reason than that.

For more information on this shameful state of affairs regarding Oil Speculation:

See also http://www.petitiononline.com/Oil_Tax/petition.html

**Let Congress Hear You**
Sign Below and Take Charge of your and your Children's Future Today!

We, the undersigned, urge Congress & President Bush to overhaul Federal Oil Policy as outlined herein.

**Let Congress Hear You**
Sign Below and Take Charge of your and your Children's Future Today!

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