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The Kalinago people are the indigenous people of Dominica. Archeological research states that they have been on the island for over the past 3000years. The Kalinago Territoy in which the people now reside was established in 1901 and consists of a land area approximately 3782 acres. Like many indigenous communities of the world, it has a tribal council which is headed by it's chief and council. In 1978 when Dominica gained it's independence from Britian, it was further recognized by an act of parliament i.e the Carib reserve Act 1978. Since then, several Kalinago Council's and organisations have been requesting a day in honor of the indigenous people's of Dominica which efforts have been fruitless. As we again are approaching yet another Kalinago Chief elections, we the people are once again striving and seeking our day of recognition. The day in question will be the 19th of September. This day has been chosen because, to the people it was the last invasion on our sovereignty by a misunderstanding of our tribal interactions and traditional customs. This resulted in the deaths of two (2) Kalinagoes and two(2) injured. The office of chief was then demoted and degraded to headman and sash and mace taken away until the year 1952 where it was then reinstated. This day will now mark the survival and recognition of the Kalinago people.

We, the undersigned, call on the government of Dominica to make September 19 a national holiday namely, "National Kalinago Day", in recognition of the history and survival of the Kalinago People.

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