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Herein a short list of historic facts in support of a distinct official name, other than that of the region of Macedonia of Northern Greece, that will replace the UN official term F.Y.R.O.M. / the former Yugoslav republic with capital the city of Skopje.

· FYROM is a state with a fabricated conscious / identity crafted during the Cold War Era by Joseph Marshal Tito to prevent the unification of the region known as FYROM with Bulgaria (same ethno- linguistic makeup) - at the same time annex Historic Macedonia of Northern Greece.

·The citizens of FYROM, for the most part, are ethnic Slavs (last names end in –ski ) and ethnic Albanians.

· According to the official state census during the Ottoman Era, the primary ethnic groups in the geographic region of Macedonia were: Greek, Bulgarian, and Turkish. History does not record the existence of an identifiable Macedonian ethnic group.

· The region of Macedonia in Northern Greece is over 90% of Historic Macedonia, which is in fact the region that all the major archeological findings have been found. Thus, the region of FYROM is a fringe geographic region to the core Macedonian mainland.

· The region of FYROM covers what was at the time of antiquity part of Paeonia and part of Dardania and was located north of Macedonia.

I hereby support and encourage the adaptations by all international organizations and all governments to identify the state, people, language, and culture of the country with UN official name F.Y.R.O.M. (the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) with any of the options suggested herein:


A composite distinct name based on the following two criteria:

a) The term shall derive from the Cyrillic phonetic expression Makhedonija with NO translation to English. In other words: Mak(h)edonija shall NOT translate to Macedonia [Macedonia/Makedonia is a Greek term that derives from the Doric adjective Makednos meaning “tall” people / high land (Herodotus, Homer, Aristophanes)].
b) In addition, the term shall be combined with a regional / ethnic characteristic or other.

1. Suggestion based on the spirit of the Ochrida Agreement

The Ochrida Agreement between Albanians & Ethnic Slaves upon which the unity of the country is based can be the inspiration of a composite term.

Proposed English name: Republic of Makhilldonija or Republic of Makhaldonija

Mak-; geographic reference to the southern part of the country (the vicinity of the city of Monastiri).

ill- or al-; refers to the Illyrian / Albanian element of the country

-donija; Slavic spelling of –donia

Other variation that expresses the multiethnic character of FYROM is the term: Slavalmakhedonija (Slav-Al-Makhedonija).

2. Suggestion with a two Name Solution

A long formal name, and a short name. Known example: United States of America (long), America (short); Socialist Republic of China (long), China (short), etc.

Proposed long name in English: Novamakhedonijan Republic of Vardar (or Skopje)

Etymology: New Makhedonijan Republic of the geographic region Vardar

Short Name: Novamakhedonija or Vardar (or Skopje)

Interpretations: For the citizens of the Republic will mean the New Macedonian Republic - for the Macedonians of Northern Greece and all Greeks the country will just be Vardar.

3. Suggestion with a linguistic Modification
(Hyphenated Term or Decomposition of Term)

Proposed name in English: Republic of Vardar Mak-Donija.

In other words, of the term Makhedonija, the letter e to be replaced with dash and the silent letter h to be removed. This is a modification along the lines of the graphic modification of the Vergina Star (Star of Philip) that became the flag of FYROM.

Other examples that include the use of a hyphenated term: Republic of Slaval Mak-Donija, or Republic of Mak-Donija-Skopje (modification of a UN-Nimetz proposal).

4. Suggestion based on geographic characteristic

The region of F.Y.R.O.M. / Skopje has been identified with the Vardar river (Gr: Axios).

The proposed name: Republic of Varmakhedonija

Etymology: Var- short for Vardar and Makhedonija

GENERAL NOTE: The above petition presents name solutions that will involve the use of the term Makhedonija (Macedonia). However, terms that do not include Makhedonija (Macedonia) and can be justified as names or inspire names for FYROM are the following: New Paeonia, New Dardania, Vardaslavia, Varmakia.

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