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The President of The United States of America, Donald J. Trump
United States of America

Anyone who has been paying attention to current events in the United States of America, is aware of AntiFa and their terrorist activity.
From violence committed during our presidents inauguration, to the violence perpetrated on people at rallies across the nation. AntiFa has been growing in size, becoming bolder, and becoming more violent.
They have been very clear in their desire to tear apart our Republic and replace it with socialism / communism, and they advocate for, and use, violence to further their agenda. This is the definition of a terrorist group.
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The group AntiFa has been present in The United States of America for decades. However, in the past they were not really committing any action, other than an occasional protest.
Since the beginning of the 2016 presidential campaign season, AntiFa has become very active and growing in membership and their level of violence. The actions of AntiFa during the inauguration of President Trump resulted in property damage and physical violence against supporters of our president. Since then their level of violence has become a serious threat to American citizens and the preservation of our Republic.
AntiFa are very clear in their message. They desire to disrupt, dismantle and replace our government. They openly advocate for violence and routinely attack civilians and law enforcement officers. These people are no longer just a minor annoyance. They have become an active terrorist group, and we can no longer ignore the threat they pose to our nation. We The People demand that AntiFa be declared a terrorist group, and that the United States Government and Law Enforcement begin treating them as such. These radical extremist terrorists must be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest to end their reign of terror and their threat to public safety and national security.

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