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This Petition is to call for the current Condem Government to hold a Confidence Vote also known as a 'Confidence Motion' in the House of Commons and should that motion return as 'no confidence' then a general election be called there after.

I am asking everyone to sign it and send a loud and clear message to the Government that they are not fit to Govern us any longer.

Since they have come to power many people in this nation including myself feel that the Government has done nothing productive to encourage growth in the Economy but instead has pushed through a system of cuts to Public spending some of which seem quite cruel and punitive especially to vulnerable groups such as the poor and the disabled.

We feel that our Government is one that is only interested in the rich and cares not for the poor and with this system of cuts is pushing us deeper and deeper into worse and worse living standards in many cases even starvation for instance it is estimated that half a million Britons will have received food parcels by the year 2016 this is not an acceptable situation for our country and nor is it one we should be in.

It is for these reasons and many others listed in the petition and perhaps many of your own that I am asking you to stand up and make a stand against the UK Government. Please sign the petition and make your voice heard. Do not sit and moan and twiddle your thumbs!! Take action sign and share it with all that you know!!!

Please note the petition is somewhat lengthy to read as I felt it was necessary to make so many points within it..




We who have signed this petition hereby state that we object to the current ConDem Governments policies of Cuts in Social Security Benefits, including Housing Benefits and Disability Benefits, cuts to Working Tax credits that are making many of Britain’s families worse off aswell as objecting to the recent Health and Social Care Bill which has changed the structure of The NHS and the Governments responsibility to provide health care for all.

We object to disabled and sick people dying as a direct result of having their benefits cut and we object to families becoming homeless due to cuts in housing benefit. We object to the Benefit cap that from 2013 will force many families with children into poverty and we also object to so many of the countries most vulnerable children going hungry as they currently are.

It is also not acceptable that by the year 2016 it is estimated that half a million people in the United Kingdom will have had to receive a food parcel and we object to a government who have made so many cuts and left our economy in such a state that this should be the case. We are one of the richest countries in the world and yet we cannot provide enough benefits to feed our own people. This is a disgrace.

We also object to cuts in working tax credit for so many of the countries middle earners which is having a direct and considerable effect on their living standards. We also feel it is unacceptable that those that are on Contribution based JSA and ESA will now see themselves unable to receive these benefits for more then a year many of whom have worked for many years and paid into the system.

We also object to the minimum wage being kept so low and yet rents and the price of living so high and the current economic condition which the country is in where going to work does not really seem to pay and yet the Government does not seem to have done anything about this issue.

We object to the fact that our current Government does nothing productive to deal with the current economic crisis but instead uses propaganda and spin to encourage the good people of this country to turn on one another.

We feel that the Government has let the people of this country down by doing nothing productive to get us out of the mounting National Debt for example creating jobs and finding ways to put money back into the pockets of Britons but instead focuses solely on the deficit which appears to be ever growing from the Bonds that the Government keep selling to pay off the current deficit and also a system of quantitative easing where there is no transparency in where the Nations money is going or how the economy is being benefited by this.

We feel that all our Government is doing is enslaving us deeper and deeper in debt with the banks whilst making us endure a large and rapid reduction in our living standards. Furthermore we do not feel that the current system of cuts in Public Spending encourages growth but is rather allowing the Economy to stagnate and go deeper into recession. We also object to the Government giving a Tax break of 5% to the Nations top earners whilst the rest of the country has seen such a fall in living standards. We do not feel that it is too much for the people of this country to be able to live with some dignity or to be provided the Benefits and Services that we should as a Nation be entitled to instead of having them chipped away at by this Government until there is nothing left of them and we are not prepared to sit by whilst the people of this country are beginning to become malnourished and stretched to their financial capacity.

It is for the above mentioned reasons and also that we have ‘no confidence’ in our current Government and do not find them fit to govern that we are hereby petitioning Parliament to call for a ’Confidence Motion' and that if the vote indicates no confidence that a General Election be immediately called thereafter.

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