#Human Rights
Provincial (BC) and Municipal (Vancouver) governments

-Moratorium against the use of tasers by the police and the transit security;

-the use of tasers by transit police is far outside guidelines that say they should be used only if someone is suicidal, violent or about to injure himself or someone else;

-Translink police are Canada's only armed transit police force;

-60 more people have died since Robert Dziekanski after being Tasered by police, including five Canadians;

-At least 286 people in North America have died since 2001 after being stunned by the TASER's 50,000 volt discharge

-There is no way of knowing whether individual Taser weapons meet the manufacturer's specifications;

-There are no Canadian safety testing standards of any kind for the devices;

-It is entirely possible that some weapons discharge much more electrical energy than they are supposed to, and that police officers are unwittingly killing people as a result;

-TASER and the law enforcement community often point to other factors that they say actually cause death;

-such as drug or alcohol use or a phenomenon they have coined "excited delirium", which is not a recognized medical condition;

-TASER International says so-called "excited delirium" is a potentially fatal condition.

-Here are some questions: How many people have died of "excited delirium" in the last five years in situations that did not involve law enforcement? Do people only reach potentially lethal levels of excitement or delirium when they are accosted by peace officers?

-Tasers are arguably being overused by police;

-They have reportedly been used to shock children as young as six (in Florida) and an 82 year old woman was recently shocked in Chicago;

-Amnesty International studied 271 fatalities and found that the victim was unarmed in all but 22 of the cases. Most of these victims were no risk to anyone.

We, the undersigned, call on the BC and Vancouver government to establish an immediate moratorium on the use of Tasers by the transit security and the police force until independent scientific research has been conducted into the manufacturer's claims that the weapons do not kill people.

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