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For many young students who attend schools in low-income neighborhoods around Detroit, the idea of attending college is more of a myth than a goal, a fancy thought rather than a valid path for the future. Before these children can strive for a college degree, they must first believe that it is possible.

Student outreach programs at the University of Michigan that target these disadvantaged schools help resolve this problem, but participation in these efforts is dismal compared to what the student body is capable of.

The implementation of a new graduation requirement, mandating that students participate in at least one outreach trip to a school in a low-income area, would impose minimal costs on the University and its students but would have a tremendous positive impact on the goals and hopes of these underserved children.

Help make these dreams a reality! 27,407 college students making a small effort can go a long way!

We, the undersigned, call on the University of Michigan to implement a new policy, requiring that every student participate in at least one outreach event at an underserved school in the Detroit area during their college tenure in order to graduate.

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