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1. Free Palestine

Assalam alaikum. Please spend a few minutes to respond this email.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

URGENTLY, need action from Muslims. We URGENTLY need to get a signed petition of over 100,000. We hope you will use your friends network to help us for the sake of ALLAH let palestine have freedom.

we are struggling for our countryand to let our country have its Freedom. Complete the petition. Please pass this on to many Muslims as possible; they did many murder of our Muslim ummah,


2. Allow people to respond to reviews on

Dear Writers and Readers on

I'm writing to inform you about a new rule the Webmaster of has imposed: they've forbidden us to answer the reviews. Yep, you're reading correctly. At first, it was believed that this was just a rumor, but some days ago a writer friend was punished because she answered her reviews in the chapters of the fic.

Many people think this is very unfair because that's the only way we have to communicate with our readers. It's the only way they can know we read their reviews; we read new opinions and make friends. We don't like this new rule, and we're writing to ask your help. It's very easy. We're making a list of people who are against this new prohibition.

To collaborate, you just have to add your user name and email address so that they'll be sure we haven't written up unknown names just to fill up the space.

3. members' protest

*Please list your E-Mail address that you registered with for contact purposes*

We the members of protest the recent treatment in the distribution of tickets. As part of membership to the website, we were given the promise of access to tickets to your show. This promise of access fell far short. Not enough tickets were allotted to members, while more than enough were allotted to ticket brokers.

We believe that U2 and should make amends to the membership by either providing an additional presale for members, with enough tickets for all, or by refunding the $40 to each and every member who was unable to benefit from the presale.

All who agree should respond to this positing and sign on. Enough responders might actually send a message.

4. Yellowstone National Park Responsible Access

NPS Announces Public Comment Period for Yellowstone Snowmobile Rules.

Everyone who would like to responsibly enjoy Yellowstone National Park in the Winter needs to respond. Quickly Or it may be closed during the winter this year forever

The National Park Service (NPS) has proposed a rule requiring that most recreational snowmobiles entering Yellowstone National Park meet specific air and sound requirements and be accompanied by a trained guide. The proposed rule also dictates daily limits on the number of snowmobiles allowed in the park. These guidelines result from the March 25, 2003 Record of Decision that addressed the impacts of oversnow recreational vehicle use in the park. Details of the proposal are available at The NPS is accepting comments regarding the rule until October 14, 2003. Comments can be sent to Yellowstone National Park, Planning Office, PO Box 168, Yellowstone NP, WY 82190, or online at

5. Make Sindy reply at

At you are given the option to send Sindy an e-mail, perhaps for comments, suggestions etc, and i think that it is unfair that she will not respond to you. If you don't want to respond to our mail, then why do you give people the option to email you?

The least she could send is an automatic e-mail, at least thanking the person for their comments, after people take up their time and effort to e-mail her. This petition is just to bring awareness to this, and show that even small things, like an e-mail from a child's play-thing, can mean so much to certain people, and considering that she is in constant competition with Barbie, you'd think that she would at least show appreciation to those who favour her over Barbie.

Sindy...tut tut. You'd think that after people bother to take up their time and effort to go onto her website( and e-mail her, that she could at least reply!! Even if it is just a mail-merged automatic e-mail!! When i sent her an e-mail, and the message came up saying that she wouldn't respond, i was very annoyed, and i'm sure there are others out there who feel the same. This may seem a bit petty, but to her millions of loving fans and customers who buy her dolls, it is rather a bear this in mind, and sign the petition!!

Exercise your right to expect appreciation of the highest quality when you take up your time to write so someone!! (Or in this case, a multi-million dollar company, who i'm sure could spare a few words here and there to give thanks to their adoring e-mailers!!)