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Brighton and Hove City Council
United Kingdom

This is a continuation of our petition submitted to Brighton and Hove City Council at their Full Council meeting on 24 March 2011 - total signatures at that point were 835.

This petition is part and parcel of a campaign to persuade the council that there are compelling and justifiable grounds on which to carry out a complete review of the road layout and management in and around the Hollingdean Dip.

Anecdotal evidence shows that there have been many near misses over a number of years as vehicles race through the Dip without regard for the safety of pedestrians many of whom are school children walking to Hertford Infants School.

The residents on this campaign are of the view (clearly expressed at Full Council) that a holistic approach is essential so that current problems relating to speeding, parking on corners and double yellow lines and a dangerous bus stop configuration are dealt with and that, most essentially, priority is given to pedestrians over vehicles.

We, the undersigned local residents, traders and visitors, urge Brighton & Hove City Council to take urgent steps to make the Hollingdean Dip safer to cross by reviewing the traffic calming measures in the area and taking steps to improve road safety such as installing a zebra crossing.

The current arrangement is wholly unsatisfactory for such a busy junction that provides a cut-through for road traffic from all directions and a major pedestrian route particularly to and from Hertford Infants School, and the “pinch points” installed on Hollingbury Crescent 10 years ago to slow down vehicles have had no effect as they race one another to squeeze through first.

We feel strongly that providing better traffic management will transform the level of personal safety, particularly for school children, and significantly ease access to shops on both sides.

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