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Come on Hartlepool come Together like I know we can I have seen it happen a few times in our Community Sign my Petition to stop Council Tax Going up further if anything it should be lowered extremely. Seriously why don’t we start not paying for it then what are they going to do how about if we make the councilors unhappy ? They would have to Re- evaluate seriously where does all the money go to? we have no police no ambulance no Fire Brigade our hospital is through Stockton our police station is through Middlesbrough closed our probation office down our Magistrates Court we have our bins out once a fortnight they never do anything about the mess around your own estate or don’t do anything for our children nowhere for them to go that’s why they get into trouble we have to pay to get a couch picked up etc and have to pay at the Rubbish Tip... The Richer areas get money put into them before the poorer areas the List is Endless our Government and Hartlepool Borough Council Cannot do this To us any Longer Sign if you Agree Thanks people make our Towns Future Brighter and Your Pockets not theirs.


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