#International Affairs
ASEAN Citizens and European Union Citizens

This petition is intended for all ASEAN member states to convince the European Union to reciprocate the travel freedom of its citizens as the same manner the ASEAN member states are granting to the citizens of European Union. Tourism is a fast growing and huge industry which the ASEAN member states are some of the countries that offer lots of tourist destinations to everyone without a need of a visa for most citizens of the world. European travelers can visit the ASEAN region in a very smooth manner as they are granted with a free visa access to all the ASEAN member state. However, in the case of ASEAN travelers are opposite since they need to go through a process of acquiring a Schengen Visa that could take them a lot of time and money. This process should be taken into consideration that a reciprocal agreement should be done by both ASEAN and EU to grant the same privilege to all ASEAN citizens who wish to travel to European Union region.

We the undersigned, call on the officials of the ASEAN, the FATA ( The Federation of ASEAN Travel Associations) and ASEANTA ( The ASEAN Tourism Association) to take a necessary discussion with the European Union to grant our ASEAN citizens the same privilege as of the European Citizens are getting from ASEAN by reciprocating the visa free access to the European region. Nowadays, traveling is a trend to most millennials and even non-millennials as part of their hobbies. In a modern society that we have right now, it is also high time that we need to improve the system of traveling to any part of the world and a free visa access is a great help to ease the travel experience of our ASEAN citizens.

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