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1. We Want Work-Life Balance in ASEAN Countries

A two-income nuclear family is becoming more and more common in ASEAN. Employees or workers are constantly juggling their priorities and time to fulfill their roles as parents, sons and daughters, siblings and relatives to extended families. Everyone wants to do their best and yet, there is never enough time and opportunity.

IN addition, many in ASEAN countries have limited opportunity to jobs and income-generating avenues, especially women who are from low-income households, or are disabled, or are caregivers who cannot afford childcare or nursing care for dependents.

We want to promote work-life balance for happiness and self-fulfillment for all people -urban, rural and all income levels. This requires policy changes on labor and talent retention at government and corporation levels besides initiatives such as reducing mega traffic jams, building Smart cities that allow for wholesome and non-stressful living, and formulating national mechanisms to facilitate teleworking, job-sharing, flexi-hours and various forms of schemes to allow for productive fair treatment to work from home.

Such changes would not only produce a happy workforce and enable workers to spend more time with their families and fulfill their parental and filial commitments, but would generate much more income for a country's economy due to higher retention of employees - especially mothers.

2. Operation Anti-Chinese Occupation Of South China Sea (Operation A.C.O.N.S.C.S.)

As some of you may know, the Government Of China is almost done with the building of multiple manmade islands in the disputed waters of the South China Sea.

They claim that the area in which they are building the islands on historically belong to them. However, this is totally untrue as most of the area they claim to be in their sovereign territory are hundreds of miles away from their shores. Thus if something isn't done soon, the countries of ASEAN may be heading towards what can be called "Chinese Imperialism" in the near future.

For more infomation, please check out the documents on Operation ACON SCS from our facebook group,

3. Stop the Haze, Indonesia!

A huge annual problem in Singapore thanks to the Indonesian government being reluctant to introduce serious and sweeping measures despite calls from ASEAN countries to do so.

Every year, we Singaporeans are helpless victims to the billions of smoke particles that fill our lungs and cause us numerous long-lasting health problems or even death. Why should we continuously fall prey to this every year and be helpless lambs to the slaughter every time without voicing out?

The Indonesian government has even conveniently directed the blame to Singapore stating that our private palm oil companies were to be blamed for causing the forest fires. On top of this, the Indonesian government has also mentioned that the Singapore citizenry does not seem bothered enough on a mass level to warrant any need for urgent measures to be put in place to combat the haze issue.

It's time to wake their idea up, people!

4. Common Declaration Regarding the South East Asia Pacific Sea of the Vietnamese In and Outside the Country

Peace and stability are the objectives that the United Nations have pledged to establish this Century.

Furthermore, in 2011, the United Nations have also marked the 30th anniversary of the publication of “Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Intolerance and of Discrimination Based on Religion or Belief”.

We believe that all members of the United Nations have the duty to pursue the common goals of peace, stability and social justice that this body has striven for.

However, in the past couple of decades, for economic development, the government of Chinese Communists has been following a policy of progressive occupation of the neighbouring regions that it alleges to be its land and sea territories. A typical instance is the region of the South East Asia Pacific Sea that it calls China Sea, which has caused confusion in the international opinion.

Therefore, for the last six months, Nguyen thai Hoc Foundation has lead a campaign seeking online signatures ( demanding the change in name from China Sea to Southeast Asia Sea. This campaign has gathered 49,436 signatures from different individuals residing in 100 countries all over the world. The purpose of this campaign aims at restating the sovereignty of Viet Nam over the sea regions in question.

Another member of the United Nations, the Vietnamese Communist government, has constantly and fragrantly violated human rights that the United Nations had defined.


These past and present acts of aggression of the Chinese Communist government have intensified, and it could constitute the fuse that ignites a war that will undermine the stability and the prosperity of the South East Pacific region in particular and of the whole world as a whole.

And the acts of human rights violation of the government of Vietnamese Communist have reached a critical level, severely affecting the life of the Vietnamese population; these acts have also spread in the region and created an oppressive ambiance which threatening the stability and the prosperity of the neighbouring people and the world.

We invite everybody to join their efforts for the sake of peace, prosperity of the region and the whole world to support and sign for this Common Declaration on the South East Asia Pacific Sea.

Best regards and thank you all.

5. China Should Stop Bullying its Neighboring Countries

On this first day of July 2011, Voice of Vietnamese Americans (VVA) stands in solidarity with all people of Vietnamese descent, all Southeast Asian citizens represented by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and all international communities represented by the United Nations (UN) to raise a collective concern on the global security threat posed by China Communist Party’s (CPC) expansion policy in the Southeast Asia Sea (South China Sea).

The CPC has shown increasing aggressions with disrespect for the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) in the Southeast Asia Sea (1982), disregarding the ASEAN Declaration on the South China Sea (1992), as well as ignoring the ASEAN Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea (DOC) (2002).

China’s navy has opened fire on Vietnamese fishermen, cutting cables of Vietnamese surveying ships, banned fishing in the Exclusive Economic Zones belonging to Vietnam and the Philippines, and threatened to use its power to claim ownership of more than 80% of the Southeast Asia Sea. It has imposed the 9 dotted line called U shape which infringes on the sovereignty of Southeast Asian nations, disregarding all regional and international agreements China has officially signed with ASEAN and the United Nations.

While recognizing Chinese People as peace-loving and hard-working people, we condemn the CPC for abusing its power, under-minding traditional Chinese culture, not honoring its own signature on the UNCLOS and international treaties, and putting the Chinese people in severe conflicts with their traditional culture and with the world.