#Animal Welfare
U.K. Parliament
United Kingdom

Did you know over 300 stray dogs are found each day in the UK? Sadly over 20 are put down...that's one an hour - every single day!

If there was a law that only licensed breeders could breed dogs and all other dogs had to be neutered, there would be much less unwanted dogs.

I want to bring back the dog license &:
-License to own a dangerous dog
-License to breed dogs
-Compulsory neutering
-Training to pass to ensure only responsible people get a dog license.

Something needs to change, we need to act now to help make a 'dog's life' a good life!

Don't breed or buy while thousands die.... rescue a dog instead.

We, the undersigned, call upon the UK parliament to change the law for owning dogs.

There are thousands of unwanted dogs and this is our fault. Compulsory neutering and licenses to breed dogs would change this. Also, a license to own a dog would be something only dedicated owners would get. No more irresponsible dog owners!

We are a country of animal lovers, let's make changes to save the strays and change the devastating situation.

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