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Far North District Councill
New Zealand

In 2010, Springbank School in Northland, New Zealand raised $3800 with an event to create an artwork for a local student who was murdered in 2008 (Liberty Templeman). The artwork was to be dedicated as a memorial for the young student. However the local community board has refused to let the artwork, (a beautiful oval glass art) to be placed in the local Public Library.

If no place is found in kerikeri for the memorial, then it will be sent either down to Auckland or to the UK Where Libby and her family came from.

We Students find this an unfair process as a lot of work was put in for this event and having the memorial sent away and is never seen by the local public because of a (So called) community board would be unfair.

This petition was designed to get the local community board to review and change its decision and keep the memorial in its right place. In Kerikeri.

Dear Sir/Madam.

We the undersigned, ask that the Glass memorial artwork, which was dedicated by the local Springbank School for the murdered student Liberty Templeman,is to be placed in a public location in Kerikeri.

You (the community board) have made an unfair decision by not consulting the local public before your decision was made, and we find it is inappropriate that the memorial, for which us students raised the total sum of $3800 for may now have to be moved to a different location where it will not be seen by the students who worked hard to raise the funds to create this artwork.

This decision you have made is an insult to the Templeman family and the local students and community members, many of whom were Liberty Templemans friends, who have put a lot of work and time into the fundraising.

We who have signed ask that you place the memorial within the town of Kerikeri, where it can be publicly seen by all the locals.

Kind Regards,

Locals of Kerikeri

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