His Excellency The Governor and The Chief Minister
British Virgin Islands


Give thanks to all those ones who signed this important petition. The law
was changed in August 2003 when Chief Minister Orlando Smith took office.
Later in this same year the Caribbean Rastafari Organisation held a week
long summit in Tortola.

Former Chief Minister O'Neal was the author of the 1980 ordinance and repeatedly refused to lift the ban despite opposition to it. The order was removed following a public survey which showed a majority of islanders opposed the ban. Once more I would thank everyone for their support which helped to get this law changed and urge you all to sign the petition for the Rastafari Elders at www.gopetition.com/online/6589.html


blessings and love
Sista Marydread
June 28, 2005


We the members of the Rastafari Turtle Dove Deliverance (RTDD) and the undersigned Petitoners vehemently object to the 1980 Immigration and Passport Order. (commonly known to as the order which prohibits class of persons).

We find that this Law is a violation of the fundamental Human Rights of people of African Descent, who are Being discriminated against based on the texture and style of their hair.

We find that this law is a violation of the Convention of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination which the Government of the UK and by extension the Government of the Virgin Islands are signatory and party to.
Therefore, we are calling on His Excellency the Governor and The Honorable Chief Minister to repeal this order immediately.

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