Todd Kauffman, Mark Thornton

SO many shows were made in what, 2003. They're being renewed for a new season and it's almost 2020, for crying out loud. Even Grojband can get one!
Grojband is not a brand new show. It's not old either. It's just in the middle. Made in 2013. It can still be renewed! Hear Us Rock was such a cliffhanger. What comes next? Do Corey and Laney go out? Does Mina give up being Trina's 'BFF'? We all need to know.

Remember 6teen? Total Drama? These shows were pretty well known in their time, and have had multiple seasons. The creators of these shows were Fresh TV.
With one of these series being made in 2004 for crying out loud, it still got renewed for another episode in 2018. And Total Drama? Made in 2007, there's a new season and episodes are STILL coming out. Grojband was made in 2013. That doesn't mean it can't be renewed for season 2 in 2019!!
Another show made by Fresh TV, Todd Kauffman, and Mark Thornton was Grojband. This show revolved around a band made up of four 13 year olds. Unfortunately, it wasn't too popular. Not as much as Total Drama. But we need to fix that. Cartoons these days are just brain rotting junk. But even so, there are many cartoons from years ago that deserve much more recognition. Grojband is one of them.
Certain people didn't like the plot. If you look at IMDb, it's rated 6.3/10. On TV.com, it's rated 7.5/10. But, 93% of Google users liked the show. To sum it up, Grojband follows a Canadian indie rock garage band with the same name formed by Corey Riffin and his three best friends, Laney and twin brothers Kin and Kon, as they work to propel their band to international stardom and fame. Since Corey isn't good with lyrics, he pretty much has to steal his nasty, horrible sister Trina's diary and creates lyrics out of her teenage angst. Contrary to people's disliking of it, the show is actually great. There actually was some rare adult humor. Grojband kinda took you on a rocking rollercoaster, to be honest. Laughing, cringing, crying, etc.
About the kiss. Corey and Laney kissed in episode 25, which literally made me so excited and happy and such. But I wish it did have a bit of a stronger influence on how Corey and Laney acted towards each other in the following episode.
So, TL;DR or to sum all of this up, PLEASE renew Grojband for a second season. If Total Drama was made in 2007 and new episodes are still being made, and if Grojband was made in 2013, it can still be renewed. Many shows got renewed though they didn't deserve to. But Grojband does. This goes out to: Todd Kauffman and Mark Thornton, the creators of Grojband.
So, whaddya say? LET'S GET OUR ROCK ON!!!!!!

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