Hull Boys Sunday League & East Riding County FA
United Kingdom

In Holland & Germany girls can play competitive football against boys without age restriction. In the UK girls must stop playing in boys league games at the age of 12 regardless of how talented they are.

My team has 3 girl players all of whom have played for 3 years in a boys team who want to keep playing next season there are other girls in the same situation.

The FA have organised a trial to see how girls cope in boys matches at ages 12,14 & 16 yet many local leagues are reluctant to take part without any valid reasons that I have heard. Sky Sports are supporting girls playing in the boys game you can do the same.

Please sign the petition and let the girls play, its 2008 you know !!

We, the undersigned, call on the Hull Boys Sunday League & The East Riding FA to apply for dispensation to join the mixed sex soccer trial for season 2008/9 as run by the national FA.

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