NCAA and US Lacrosse
United States of America

Girls/Women’s lacrosse has been a growing sport in the southern states and becoming popular.
It was introduced after Boys/Men’s Lacrosse had been around for a couple years.
Some Girls were lucky and had the ability to play with the boys rules but since then have been forced to play with the girls rules.

Boys rules does mean more physicality but also more time to play without having to stop every time the whistle blows.
I’ve been one of the lucky few to play with the boys rules and it is a a lot more fun.

If the reason the rules are different is because of the fact that they are afraid the girls will get hurt then girls hockey doesn’t help their case.
Girls and Boy’s Hockey have the same rules and is more physical than Boy’s Lacrosse.
Girls Should have the ability to play the same.
Even girls basketball at one point was different with playing 6v6 and later changing to be 5v5 so why not change Girl’s Lacrosse rules.

We, who have signed this petition, ask that the NCAA and US Lacrosse change the rules of Girl’s Lacrosse and make the game equal to the Boy’s Lacrosse rules. Like what has been done for Girl’s Basketball and what has never needed to be changed such that of Girl’s Hockey.

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