Konami Digital Entertainment

Konami have announced they will be terminating the servers for Pro Evolution Soccer 6 on the 2/2/2009.

Pro Evolution Soccer 6 is still regarded as the best football simulation game of all time by many many people.

PES2008 and PES2009 have been big disappointments for the fans of Konami's series of football games hence why 1000's of people worldwide still enjoy playing PES6 online, that is of course until recently when Konami announced they will be terminating the servers for the game on the 2nd February 2009, much to the disappointment and anger of the fans who still very much love and regularly play online.

As lovers of playing the game online and the fact we paid good money for all the features in the game please sign this petition and help us convince Konami they are making a big mistake.

When you buy a new laptop do you expect the manufacturer to come round a few years later and take one of the main components away? No you don't, they wouldn't, so why should we allow Konami to do the same thing to us customers with PES6?

We won't let this happen, we need to stand for our rights, sign the petition and lets get these servers kept open, as they should be!

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