#Children's Rights
Lowell City Hall
United States of America

On 10/09/19, outside of the Greenhalge Elementary School (in Lowell, MA), where there was a group of children from an Afterschool program playing in the schools park. Three teenage boys shot BB Guns at the group of young children playing in the playground. Events such as this (or worse) could be prevented if a police officer or car does rounds or is on site until all after school programs are finished or until operating hours of the school and it’s afterschool programs are over for the day. No child should ever have to worry about their safety at school. School is supposed to be a safe place for children, so let’s please make it stay safe for them. Children are our future.

We, call on Lowell, it’s officers and School department to keep our children safe by having police officers present, on site, or by doing rounds every so often at Elementary and Middle Schools.

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